Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Sport Of Seduction.

The Sport Of Seduction- Every Man's Guide To Getting Laid

After witnessing the over whelming interest from women across the globe, who have been turned on by Christian Grey, the leading man in the novel 50 Shades of Grey, a Leicester life coach thinks its time real men got some help with their seduction techniques. She has written a funny seducer’s guide, The Sport of Seduction; Every Man’s Guide To Getting Laid, in hope she can help inspire them to change.
25th July, 2012, Leicester, UK- Shirley Yanez has not had sex herself for 10 years, not because she is religious, a man hater or unable to attract one willing and able, it is a personal choice and mainly, in recent years, simply because she hasn’t met a man she considers worth giving up her celibacy for.
“It is clear from the vast amount of women getting turned on by a smutty book, they feel neglected and starved of sex from the real men in their lives” says Yanez.
Shirley believes the fun has gone from sex and marriage. To her it seems all men love sport more than sex these days, so by combining, sex, sport and humour, she hopes this book will encourage the opposite sex to think more about what women really desire from their men, and guide them to seduction success every time.
When romance is as dead as the new romantics and sex is only in the minds of women, not on their minds and certainly not happening in their bedrooms, The Sport of Seduction is a laugh out loud, read for any man interested in becoming as essential to womankind as the battery in a sex maniacs vibrator.
The book is currently available for download in digital format through Kindle. It is priced at £1.53.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Travel To Marbella On A Budget

The Hollywood Look For Less have come up with a top tip on how to get the five star Marbella holiday on a budget with sun, sea and star spotting your favourite celebrity. The Costa Del Sol is currently having some massive problems packing the Hotels and many five star hotels are for the first time offering fabulous, affordable packages on Expedia and Last Minute.

We have just returned for the Malia De Quinta A five star Hotel and spa just minutes away from the famous Puerto Banus marina and it was amazing value. 

The best thing to do if you are looking to be fabulous on a budget and you want to have a luxury experience on a shoestring, check out these amazing deals right now and book yourself a budget break in Marbella.

The down side to this type of deal has to pointed out because you may have to starve yourself to death in the process because the holiday may be slashed in price but the bar and services will remain high, at 5 star prices.