Thursday, 19 April 2012

The New Venus Cow Collection Coming Soon!

Shirley Yanez, a 57 year old life coach from Leicester has discovered the secrets how to turn back the clock when it comes to looking and feeling ageless but she insists her program is not easy for most to even contemplate.
In 2005 after a near death experience, Shirley made a decision to get healthy and begin to appreciate and understand how her body worked in order to be the best she could be in later life, rather than let herself go!
She gave up all her addictions, dinking, smoking, chocolate, sex, shopping, drugs, meat and caffeine by going cold turkey over night.
Six years on, the results speak for themselves now Shirley is a perfect size 12 with ageless style. She has designed her own fabulous fashion collection Venus Cow for real women with curves and disposable income who have been dismissed and ignored by the High Street.
Shirley says
“ Older women no matter how slim or fat desire on trend staples with structure, sleeves, stretch and sex appeal, that are effective, affordable and versatile. “
Age is just a number and many middle aged women have given up the fight in this current youth obsessed culture, choosing fat frumpy and forgotten over fabulous fifty and fashionable!
Brutal truth common sense and someone to help build confidence and develop will power is all it takes to endure the short term pain, in order to benefit from long term gain, so Shirley created a free on line life coaching website and journal to help anyone work on themselves in private.
Shirley says
“ When you manage to take back control of your life and begin to face your brutal truth, everything you thought impossible becomes an amazing reality. I am living proof anything is possible if you are prepared to do the work and make better choices.”