Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Since 2000 I have been celibate. After such a horrendous near death life changing experience I had not even thought about sex, not once, most people thought I was either a Man hater, depressed or a lesbian. The pressure people put on you for going against the grain, not being obsessed with finding a Man, always looking for love or just being happy being single, is massive but for me it works. Now in 2010 celibate 10 years and never going back is the best thing that has happened to me and has changed my life in more ways than one. I have the body at 53 I have always wanted after giving up sex, alcohol, chocolate, drugs, shopping and caffeine.
I walk five miles a day, do yoga to keep focused and the natural high is better than any drug I have taken. I am not lonely because I believe you cannot look for love, just attract it and with my busy passion for life, sex is neither the point nor the focus. When you discover looking outward for fulfilment is just a rouse, you can never be alone because you always have yourself. When you look inward you learn you have to take responsibility for yourself and be brave enough to tackle the things that don't work for you in your life, starting with bad relationships, which ironically most of the time, sex is not part of.

I am now as budget lifestyle expert and self therapy life coach and teach other Women how to look and feel fantastic on a shoestring in a free live touring interactive show The Hollywood Look For Less. Many women have lost their confidence, they don't feel sexy anymore and in the recession money is tight, so we try and inspire Women to swap clothes, get in shape and find time for themselves.
At Venus Cow we don't say it is easy to give up something you want but sometimes it might just be what you need. Losing everything including my life for a short while made me take a long hard look at myself, money had not made me happy, sex had never fulfilled my needs and when you have faced such fear, there is nothing else to fear. Now I keep my knickers on, I cannot beat Men off with a stick, they always want what they cannot have in my experience and until they get it, they never stop trying, so maybe if more Women followed suit, celibacy could be seen as very desirable.
My whole life now, is about giving back and helping other Women recognise sex is just like any other addiction, it's a choice. The definition of insanity is to repeat the same behaviour and expect a different result.

Secondhand Rose In Vintage Clothes

Over-buying and compulsive shopping is no different to binge eating. The empty emotional hole that you’re trying to fill with clothing, will never be satisfied. Shopping offers a temporary high, often excessive shopping can become a coping method to distract yourself from the real, underlying problem, you are unhappy!

The problem with this behaviour is avoidance does not work and will only makes things worse. So what starts out  as an emotional problem is further compounded by massive credit card debt and a pointless closet filled with clothes you don’t need and will never wear.

Take a leaf out of Sharon Stones book of life and get yourself some recycled vintage fashion in order to practise your own style and not waste anymore money on mistakes, ill-fitting clothes and spending money you just don't have.

Fashion is for sheep, style is unique, so no matter how old you are, how inexperienced you are, practise your own style with someone else mistakes, at the same time saving you cash and distress when the unwanted debt mounts up in a pile along with the unwanted clothes you will never wear.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Home Look For Less

We talk alot about Match and Contrast in our clothes style show, The Hollywood Look For Less, where we teach women how to look and feel fantastic on a budget and when styling homes on a budget we use the same technique, starting with one print, then adding patterns or plain, one by one, linking each previous addition to the next. In the picture you can see how many bright and bold patterns can work together with the solid bold orange and green pillows pulling the look together. When you engage an interior designer, or select fabric from a pattern book, they do the work or other fabrics have already been selected as textiles that work together, what you pay a high price for but with a few simple tips anyone can create fantastic, magazine worthy and most importantly unique, interiors style.

Top Tips

1. When using textiles as the foundation to your design template, (it might be wallpaper, plants, furniture, room layout) keep the walls plain. Pick the number one fabric you love for your design and paint the walls the lightest colour in the fabric. (or white)

2. The best places to source yardage are direct from the manufacturer (many textile mills will sell to the public) at car boots and you can find curtains use to cut down for cushions and upholstery.

3. Only buy fabrics you like and that inspire you, feeling the weight and texture are a good indicater of quality if you are a novice. Trying to create something amazing with fabric you bought because it was cheap, a great deal will never give you the result you want.

4. Pick up old pillows, cushions in a variety of shapes and sizes at the car boot, charity shop and recycle the inserts. They can be washed in the washing machine and then recovered. If you are not great at sewing stick to cutting 2 squares of equal size. Lay them right side together, stitch round three sides and then half way round the fourth. Turn the outside in, insert your pillow and neatly hand stitch closed.

5. Proper patchwork is a skill and extremely time consuming, used to create luxury for less in days gone by. Use this concept to make tiered curtains from cheaper remnants. Choose three equal bands of matching or contrasting fabric and stitch then together to create the length you need.

6. Tie back your curtains. This is the single most effective tip for a finished interiors look. Use ribbon, dressing gown cord or stitch a pice of lining fabric, 18"" by 5" along the top and down the side to make a sausage. Turn it inside out and stuff it with chopped up old tights or socks then cover with fabric and attach a curtain ring at each end. Voila.

7. With material and a staple gun you can transform all kinds of furniture, pop seats out of dining chairs and use as a template to cut fabric. Then going from top to bottom and left side to right, stretch the fabric and staple it, stretch and staple, until you have done your own simple upholstery. (staple gun part of your luxury for less tool kit). You can always find interesting furniture, footstools, linen hampers, buffets recycled at the car boot or local junk shop that can be customised with fabric.

8. Make a new headboard or piece of art using a blank artist canvass, a piece of fabric and your staple gun as before. This makes a fantastic and very inexpensive custom addition to your room's decor. Remember to measure where you are putting it before buying the canvass.