Monday, 23 January 2012

Wedding On A Budget.

The World is changing right now as money gets tighter and aspiration fades into something more realistic and attainable, like doing an important event on a budget. Getting married is all about family and friends getting together to celebrate love and happiness in the union of two people in love, so why waste money you haven't got, on expensive stuff you don't need.

The Hollywood Look For Less is all about attainable aspiration and being able to guide you all through how to get there, starting with your wedding gown.
Oxfam have the most amazing secondhand wedding gown collection at a fraction of the price a new one would cost, so remember the dress is just for the day and by recycling and supporting the charity, you are being savvy and sensible. as well as doing some good for others.

Don't get sucked into buying expensive flowers, that wilt and fade before you even get down the aisle, buy fake ones, like the picture above and keep the memory forever.

If you cannot afford to have a big feast at your reception, ask all your family and friends to make something delicious for you or provide you with a dish they cooked themselves and get them all contributing, saving you money and making the day extra special and more personal.

Spending money you have not got, is pointless and being in debt at the start of a new life is even more pointless, so take some good budget advice and keep it simple, stylish and on a shoestring because no one will care, just be desperate to join in and help.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Hot To Trot Or Stupid?

So we are two weeks into the first month of a new year and everyone is feeling flat, fat and fed up, broke, broken and bored, after two months of over eating, over drinking and over spending. The Hollywood Look For Less is all about how you remain fabulous, even if the money runs out and dark miserable weather is all you have to look forward to, so get motivated and go for a run.
Running is an amazing way to boost your mood, as well as help you shed those extra pounds, weighing you down and keeping you stuck in misery. Nothing will change in your life unless you take control and do the work.
In Hollywood as you can see from the picture above, what you wear is more important than how far you run, so if you are short of some ten inch heels, get yourself a pair of trainers from your local charity shop and put your back into it. Yesterday we picked up a pair of designer trainers at a swap party and boy are they fabulous, much more sensible than buying another dress you will never wear!
Make this year the time you make changes and stick to them in order to look and feel amazing without having to worry about spending money. Remember buy new and the joke is on you!

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Stress Less And Live More

Happy New Year or is it?

The Hollywood Look For Less is here to help you get over the depression hump, by reminding you looking and feeling good is all about discovering ways to do things in your life without it costing the earth, literally.

Have you over spent? over eaten? Are you broke? Feeling too fat to fit in your clothes? Are you depressed, sad or lonely? If this sounds like you then its time to give yourself a little talking to in order to give yourself a little life lift. The only way to beat the blues, is to take full responsibility for your pattern behaviour because you cannot over indulge without having to pay for it, one way or another, sadly.

Visit and start a free journal in order to work on yourself for the future, recognising until you make an effort to change, nothing in your life will change!

Stress Less And Live More