Friday, 23 September 2011

Looking And Feeling Good At 50 Plus

The best advice The Hollywood Look For Less can give all you wonderful ladies out there to keep on top of the ageing process is simple. If you follow the daily steps listed below, we can guarantee you will look and feel at least 10 years younger before you can blink.

1. Drink 6 glasses of water per day.
2. Eat a bowl of Oat-bran for breakfast.
3. Do 30 minutes exercise per day.
4. Have half an avocado, its miracle food.
5. Cut down on white carbs.
6. Cut out caffeine, no coffee, chocolate.
7. Drink mint tea.
8. Give up booze.
9. Give up smoking
10. Get some HRT patches.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Happy Without Money

If you cannot be happy poor, you will never be happy rich. It is only when you are forced to live without money that you get to recognize how much stress and worry it can bring and with stress and worry comes lines and wrinkles. You cannot buy a life at Harrods, only stuff to put into a life, so getting a life is critical. The Hollywood Look For Less has the following top tips to help get you started on your new path to being happy with or without money. If you had a call today saying you had won the lottery, how would you feel? Now imagine you get a second call saying it was all a mistake and you had not won the lottery, how would you feel? If the feelings are not the same then you are ready to begin your journey to inner happiness without money.

1. Face the reality of your situation head on.
2. Go for a long walk and get some fresh air
3. Give something like your time for free to others.
4. Remain optimistic
5. Have a get together with friends and family.
6. Laughter is a natural high, so start laughing.
7. Don't invest time or money you do not have.
8. unplug all electrical appliances everyday when not using them.