Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Budget Stylists Recycled Fashion

Check out our new closet clear out campaign designed to help set you all free from that useless feeling of never having a thing to wear!

Taking stock of what you already have in your closet can be a daunting project but will be so worth it in the end, trust us. Summer is over and Autumn is here so its time to pack away all the summer clothes and get out the winter woollies.

Empty the closet completely so you have a clean space to begin building your collection, then make two piles, one the stuff you love and cannot part with, second the "what was I thinking" pile, stuff to get rid of. Rule number one when clearing out the closet, get rid of anything that does not and will never fit you by donating it to your local charity shop. Rule number two be realistic and only keep what you love and what fits you. Essential wear, a white shirt, black pants, pencil skirt, black jumper etc keep and dump any duplicates, leaving you plenty of room to add color and contrast to the collection. For shoes, make sure each pair matches at least one set of clothing you actually wear and treat yourself to some new wooden hangers, recycled from the charity shop or car boot.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Budget Style To Make You Smile

If you are struggling with cash, have no confidence and hate shopping because you don,t know what to buy anymore or what might suit you, The Hollywood Look For Less has the answer. Check out the Car Boot right now where you can find the most amazing glamour on a budget.
This is the perfect way to stretch yourself without breaking the bank or making an expensive style faux pas! This fantastic stand at Croft Car boot every Sunday is offering a little bit of designer secondhand chic at crazy affordable prices, allowing you all to practice some unique styling before going out to do some real shopping. Yesterday we found recycled Prada Bags, A Tiffany silver key ring, still in the little blue box and a fab Fendi pink purse, happy days!

Budget Style At Car Boot

The Hollywood Look For Less had a great find yesterday at Croft Car Boot! Check out these almost brand new J Lo Brazilian boots for just 50p!

The boots look amazing teamed up with H&M black and brown leggings, new season and in store now £9.99 and a black New Look T Shirt from the sale for £7.00.

Fashion is for sheep but style is always unique!

Friday, 12 August 2011

Budget Lifestyle Experts How To Swap Clothes

The Hollywood Look For Less Swap and Style Studio is like a secret den filled to the brim with fantastic recycled designer clothes that have been swapped, donated or just collected from Charity shops. This is now the best place in the UK to get a brand new look without spending a single penny by swapping or recycling what you already have but never wear.

We have been working with women all over the country to help them clear out closets, help with styling, recycling and generally encouraging those who feel fat frumpy and forgotten by the media and retail, feel better about fashion.

There are no TV shows about fashion or style right now and it is no wonder retail is struggling to attract customers. It is time to face facts, fast disposable fashion has not only helped fill landfill to danger levels but has also put us all off spending our hard earned cash. We want help with styling. We want more quality fashion. We want better sizing and most of all we want to be entertained and inspired by the High Street not have to look at the same collections in every single store.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Kate Recycles Fashion

The Hollywood Look For Less is very happy to hear that Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, likes to recycle her clothes, making Eco Fashion very desirable, something we have been banging on about for years!

Spending your hard earned cash on something fabulous to be left at the bottom of your closet with the tickets still on is complete madness, so take a leaf out of Kate's own fashion advice book and reinvent your own style by recycling or swapping what you have for something else you will love to wear.