Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Recycled Style To Make You Smile!

It is a fact that the High Street right now is losing its way, as shops and brands slash prices to help lure us back into doing more unnecessary shopping. We all have enough stuff already that does not work stuffed at the bottom of the closet with the price tags still on. The Hollywood Look For Less suggest you wake up tomorrow and do a closet clear out and be brutal by ditching anything you have not worn or never will then donate it to your local charity shop. It will make you feel good as well as help in the bigger picture. Now you have room to begin to build up cool complete outfits with matching accessories from what you have left and if you need to make any additions, do some swapping or charity shopping yourself! At car boot prices it doesn't matter if you get it wrong, so experiment with color and textures creating the perfect wardrobe to compliment the drama of your life.

A top budget tip for budding stylists. Find a magazine picture of a designer outfit you just love then copy it by sourcing separate pieces from car boots, charity shops, swapping with friends or dress agencies, you will be shocked how easy it is!