Friday, 24 June 2011

Five Star Spa On A Budget

So, with money tight and having a holiday a thing of the past, it is time to put on our savvy head and come up with a fab way for you all to have a bit of luxury on a budget.

Tucked away in the mountains in Marbella Spain there is an amazing luxury five star spa that believe it or not, anyone can afford these days. Incosol Medical Spa is situated just outside Malaga, only s few miles from the airport. It is a little bit of luxury for anyone looking to escape the rat race and begin to work on a new healthy lifestyle plan, in order to look and feel amazing. The great Hollywood Look For Less top tip here is, this Hotel is up for sale and trying to attract customers, so the price right now is rock bottom but the five star service is the same.

Take the plunge and give yourself a kick start in to becoming the new you with a little bit of affordable pampering on a budget!