Monday, 9 May 2011

Why Women Hate Shopping!

The Hollywood Look For Less is all about swapping, styling, recycling, budget shopping and making the most of what you already have.
It was reported yesterday in the press that nearly half of the women in the UK hate to go shopping and we know why!
It is daunting and depressing to be surrounded by to many cheap ill fitting fashion items and store staff who have not got a clue. Things have changed dramatically and women are no longer interested in shopping just for the fix, they want clothes that work and give us the complete finished look.
In order for us all to get back to not feeling fat frumpy and forgotten anymore, we have to make a stand and stop shopping on the High Street until retailers listen and do something to encourage us back in store.
Its all about the experience and the customer service. We want to inspired and helped to feel fantastic, as well as getting an outfit that works and won't end up in landfill or at the bottom of the closet. We want more sizes, more choice and more help. There is no great fashion ideas on TV right now so everyone has lost momentum and glossy magazines only cater for the airbrushed and painfully skinny. What about the real women with money to spend?
You cannot buy style only fashion so take our advice and shop recycled to practice your styling techniques because one mans trash can become another mans treasure and this way you get a chance to experiment without splashing too much cash.

Top Five reasons why Women hate shopping.
1. Lack knowledge about styling and what looks good on their body shape.
2. Lack of time to look in every shop for ideas and inspiration.
3. They hate the way their body looks because of weight issues.
4. to much choice so women become overwhelmed.
5. poor inexperienced young shop assistants.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Is Secondhand Fashion Your Passion?

Secondhand fashion is very very hot right now with Women across the UK clearing out their closets and getting rid of all those terrible mistakes that never fit and still with the price tags on, sound familiar? We buy something in the moment to make us feel better and give us a lift but by the time we get it home we are already thinking about wanting something new to wear. So with this in mind The Hollywood Look For Less are here to stop you all spending money you don't have and helping you become a savvy shopper with some vintage advice.
Check out the car boot or your local charity shops but give it some time and really rummage through the rails, you will be shocked at what you might find and if you find nothing what do you have to lose.

Also try and have a closet clear out yourself giving anything you no longer wear to the charity shop and the rest you should give to a dress agency, helping you make some extra cash for your secondhand trash.