Sunday, 28 November 2010

Christmas Smell On A Budget

The Smell of Oranges are Hollywood fabulous because it gives a subtle and clean aroma to Your House. Many A lister's swear by this next Hollywood look for less top tip.
Our sense of smell is influenced by something called the common chemical sense, so fill the air with nostril flare and find a use for those old Oranges at the bottom of the fruit bowl.
Take your old Oranges and put them in the oven on a low heat for a couple of hours while you are out doing what you do and we will promise you will be amazed when you return home.
The smell of the very powerful orange will eliminate the stench of any stale smoke or lingering odours, creating a scent that will give a calming effect, leaving the house smelling like it is full of freshly sliced oranges.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Recession Depression

We can tell you from experience that it is not money that makes us happy inside, of course it is the best instant fix, the feel good factor in the moment but still wanting it after you have got it is the problem.
Its like eating chocolate, it makes you feel good when you are eating it but leaves you wanting more and then if you don't exercise off the calories, no matter how much you spend on a new outfit, you still don,t feel good because you feel fat and nothing fits you.
The Recession has been very depressing time for many of us but our positive spin on it may put things in to perspective for you all. If we have little money for shopping we cannot continue to buy the same thing, another pair of jeans, that don't fit, never will and was just to make us feel good in the moment. If we have to buy food on a budget forget cheap supermarket food full of junk, sugar and preservatives, get to your local market at the end of the day and pick up some fruit and veg for almost next to nothing.
Exercise will give you the best high you have ever had and once addicted, there is no going back and walking is free!

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Keep Young And Beautiful With Yoga

If you want to have a Hollywood body like Sharon Stone or Cameron Diaz, then we have the top tips on how to achieve this but like everything in LA, it comes with a price, pain and discipline. The natural way to look and feel 20 years younger, live 20 years longer and feel 20 years fitter is Yoga, considered a mind-body intervention which has been used for hundreds of years to help the health effect of generalized stress. Yoga is the healing system of theory and practice, breathing, mediation and exercise, three things you need to look and feel younger.
Meditation is the perfect way to find time just for you, to think about your life, your health and your purpose and of course a fab figure at the end is the ultimate results of yoga.