Sunday, 31 October 2010

Accessorize And Disguise

Keeping fit and trim over 40 is an up hill battle everyday but The Hollywood Look For Less have a few hot tips to help you on your way to looking the best you can.
Accessories can transform even the most ordinary outfit bringing a sense of unique style to your closet but be careful when choosing them, less is always more.
If you have a little black dress and we all should have one, team it up with some large black shades, a big red clutch some diamond studs and red heels. You will look a million dollars and help disguise any lumps and bumps round the middle. It is really worth shopping around the charity shops to find the right little black dress just for you that perfectly suits your shape and size.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Budget Living Top Tips

The Hollywood Look For Less is bursting with cheap, cheerful inspirational ways to live on next to nothing. Never talk about money, those who have it never mention how much things cost.
1. You want to go on holiday but you are broke? Travel for free. Why not offer your passion/hobby IE flower arranging, photography, poetry and get yourself hired by a Cruise liner like Fred Olson to offer works shops for on board passengers to enjoy. You get a free cabin and food in return for your expertise and a fab holiday in between. Swapping services with others is the perfect way to get what you need without money.
2. Want to lose weight by exercising but cannot afford the gym? Doing 30 minutes of moderate exercise 5 times a week will boost your general health and help you lose weight. Find something you enjoy and fit it into your everyday lifestyle like walking, jogging, cycling, swimming or dancing in front of the TV.
3. Want to get out and meet people but have no money to be sociable? Why not volunteer your services for a local charity and feel good at the same time make new friends who will open more doors for you.
4. Want something new to wear but you are broke? Try holding a clothes swap party for your friends and neighbours and get a brand new look without spending a penny.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Style Is A Way Of Life

It is time we all stopped living vicariously through Celebrity lives in cheesy magazines and begin to recognize, life is what YOU make it.

You cannot buy Style, it is unique to you so be different and like celebrities don't give a fig what others think of you! Dress for the Drama of your life!

The first step to change is to take a long hard look in the mirror and ask yourself, what do I want to achieve today. It may be a walk, it may be a swim, it may be just be being nice to everyone but whatever it is, we say do it in style.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Walk Off The Weight

The brutal truth is and if you want The Hollywood Look For Less, we have to give it to you straight, being fat is just not an option.
So in order to help anyone who is struggling with their weight, we say, get off your backside and start to walk everywhere. Walking in the fresh air, for 30 minutes everyday, will not only boost your metabolism, exercise your muscles and give you a daily dose of vitamin D from the daylight, it will stop you thinking about food.
You will never find a cream cake in Hollywood, where nothing on the lips is weight off the hips, so bite the bullet and cut out anything with tasty creams then watch unfold the body of your dreams.

Friday, 8 October 2010

Trash To Cash

Car boot sales are a good idea but not very Hollywood darling and we can speak from experience having been there and done that. Pam Anderson has given car booting a new lease of life with her Malibu Garage sales and it has become a rather hip trend to turn trash into cash in LA LA Land. So our top tip for making some extra cash when things are tight, is to clear out some clutter and set up your own trendy hip garage sale, just like Pammie.
In Bel-Air, the really posh part of LA, they have taken Garage sales to a whole new height, calling them Estate Sales. Garage sales in LA are just not the same as they are any where else on the planet. The billionaire Craig McCaw once held a “backyard clear out” that included the sale of his private island, a 300ft yacht and several executive jets, obviously needed some petty cash.
Turning your garage into an Aladdin's cave for curious clutter collectors could prove to be very lucrative, if done with a Hollywood spin, so pick a date, make up some posters, play some cool tunes, layout your trash then wait for the punters to part with their cash.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Boom To Bust? Ear Plugs A Must!

Thank you to all those TV Executives who said NO to giving us a budget fashion lifestyle show because they believed no one would watch, after watching boom to bust last night on Channel 4.

We were flattered that they seemed to be taking the mick out of the work we do for real, being offered a styling job for B&O ferries working with old people and styling the unemployed who would rather get drunk than get a job. There seemed to be no signs of being bust, copious bottles of champagne being guzzled, mansions, badly treated staff and stupid celebrity friends and royalty who are clearly desperate for TV exposure. You can only make comedy out of tragedy when they are separated by time, this sadly is Trinny and Susannah reality, poorly acted and badly staged, making it nothing more than cringworthy! Absolutely fabulous and the office were hilarious 15 years ago because they were original, the element distinctly lacking in this piece of television insanity.

We will not been seen dead with any other TV executives unless it is to slap them around on behalf of the general public, which in our world includes old people and the unemployed! At 49 and 48 respectively with no work, isn't it a bit rich for Trinny and Susannah to be taking the piss?