Friday, 30 July 2010

Fundraiser For Loros

The Sikh welfare and cultural society are holding a fundraising dinner for Loros on August 13th 7.30 at The Marriott Hotel, Leicester.
The Hollywood Look For Less will be there talking about how to be happy without money so pick up a ticket from Loros if you can and support this fantastic charity.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Another Root At The Car Boot

What a great root at the Croft Car boot yesterday!
It is amazing how many things we all buy that we never use, never wear or even take the price tickets off. One Man's trash is another Man's treasure and you never know what you will discover so give it a go. Here at the Hollywood Look For Less, we say "buy new and the joke is on you". Yesterday we came across some fantastic designer boots, brand new, £175 retail price and picked them up for £10, happy days!
It may not be the most glamorous way to do your shopping but who cares if you pick up something you love for less. Rid yourself of status anxiety and don't give a fig about what others think of you, they will be green with envy when you look good by doing something good.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Come To Our Swap Party

Its time to clear out your closets and swap what you no longer wear for a brand new look without spending a penny, the best way to beat the current economic downturn.
Many of you know how fantastic our swap bank is but for those who don,t check out our swap party today in the only swap shop in the UK, 5 Cross Street Blaby Leicester.
This is the first UK Social Enterprise community wardrobe and don,t think you will find rubbish here, oh no this is a designer paradise so come swap till you drop and help us save the planet in the process!
See you there at 11am.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Shopaholic To Swapaholic

With living costs in the UK on the up and up and pressure from the media to sport the latest designer labels, it is becoming impossible for style conscious Brits to maintain fashionista's status whilst balancing over tight budgets.
For all you Charity shop crusaders, clothes and style are a synonymous necessity and a big part of this kind of shopping is giving back, something rarely found in Hollywood, so well done.
Swapping your clothes with your friends makes complete sense to us yet people seem unable to detach from the shopping mistakes and choose to have bulging wardrobes filled with things never worn, go figure!
Its time to face the pain and admit you have shopped till you drooped and still don,t have a thing to wear, then hold a massive swap party with friends to free yourself of all your shopping mistakes.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Living On A Budget

The Hollywood Look For Less is bursting with cheap, cheerful inspirational ways to live on next to nothing. Never talk about money, those who have it never mention how much things cost.
1. You want to go on holiday but you are broke? Travel for free. Why not offer your passion/hobby IE flower arranging, photography, poetry and get yourself hired by a Cruise liner like Fred Olson to offer works shops for on board passengers to enjoy. You get a free cabin and food in return for your expertise and a fab holiday in between. Swapping services with others is the perfect way to get what you need without money.
2. Want to loose weight by exercising but cannot afford the gym? Doing 30 minutes of moderate exercise 5 times a week will boost your general health and help you loose weight. Find something you enjoy and fit it into your everyday lifestyle like walking, jogging, cycling, swimming or dancing in front of the TV.
3. Want to get out and meet people but have no money to be sociable? Why not volunteer your services for a local charity and feel good at the same time make new friends who will open more doors for you.
4. Want something new to wear but you are broke? Try holding a clothes swap party for your friends and neighbours and get a brand new look without spending a penny.

Venus Cow How To Be Happy Without Money

We have all been living an Aspirational lifestyle for far to long and it has got us nowhere except miserable and in terrible debt. The time has come to start looking inside and not outside for the brutal truth, common sense answers to why we are not happy. is coming soon! Your destination to attainable aspiration. If you change the way you think about things, the things you get will change, so no matter what problems you have, the answer is within you.
The Hollywood Look For Less say face yourself head on and begin your journey to a new you now.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Look Good By Doing Good.

If you suffer from status anxiety, you care what others think about you, then it is time to change the way you think. We are all feeling the pinch right now, even those shopaholics still bashing the credit cards but get a grip, nothing you buy will change who you are! Getting a Chanel suit is really fantastic if you truly desire it and can afford it but for those who know that is just pie in the sky until you win the lotto, get savvy and find one recycled. Buy new and the joke is on you!
Many rich Women send their cast off designer treasures to the local hospice or charity shop, doing good and helping someone else look good. So our top tip is simple, forget status anxiety, you can always say you got it in Paris and get yourself off to a local rich area with more money than sense and check out the local charity shops. Good luck!

Friday, 9 July 2010

How To Look Fantastic Over 40.

Some of the media have said that Women over 40 should steer clear of PVC Pants but taking a look at Elle Macpherson this week, she looks amazing at 47. The truth is to look this good in mid-life we have to do some work to keep it all firm and slim, so get some inspiration from this shot and make it your goal to be the best you can be over 40.
The Hollywood Look For Less top tip to help you lose some weight is to cut out all other drinks and just drink 10 cups of green tea everyday.
You will be amazed at the results and health benifits.