Monday, 28 June 2010

Cheap Lifestyle Tips

There are many ways to get your lifestyle back on track without it costing anything except your time. It seems the Women in the UK have all lost their confidence and have given up on ever being fit, happy and healthy, which is such a shame. Our top tips might just get you on your way to being the best you can on a budget, so NO excuses.
1. Do not ever care what others think about you.
2. Have a big clothes swap with your friends for a new look.
3. Walk Five miles every day.
4. Drink 8 glasses of water everyday.
5. Look in the mirror and smile at yourself.
6. Remember you want to be thin more than you want that cream cake.
Life is short so live it and the only way out is through!

Style On A Shoestring

The most terrible of terrible things happened today in The Hollywood Look For Less world. We had a huge meeting with a new client in London so got up at 5am ready to slap on the tart kit and dress to impress but realized we had no foundation left and no money to buy some. The outfits were ready to wear and simple, two fab day dresses we picked up yesterday at croft car boot for under £10 for both, believe it or not! With clobber on, hair straighteners in hand and high heels we set off to London with make up free faces, stopping off at the first big department store we could find along the way and headed straight for the Chanel counter.
We asked the assistant for a free make up demonstration and some samples to practice on before we would invest in such a expensive purchase. Our make up looked fab, it cost nothing and we had an amazing meeting looking Hollywood Look For Less chic on a shoestring budget. The best budget make up SOS in Town!

Clothes Swapping Experts

Imagine if you had a closet filled with designer treasures just like Sarah Jessica Parker, would you be saying then you haven't got a thing to wear? We say you would.
Status anxiety has left us all worried about what others think about us, when in reality we should only care about what we think about ourselves. A little bit of advice from The Hollywood Look For Less when you are living on a budget but have a new Man to impress over dinner and not a thing to wear, would be to swap what you already have in your closet with your friends and enjoy a brand new Look without spending a single penny. Good quality recycled clothes are like gold dust in this current economic climate, so use yours as currency for some savvy swapping.
Clothes swapping experts Holly and Shirley Yanez swear by this great idea and now run swap parties for Women all over the Country in order to put a little confidence back into fashion and style with attainable aspiration for all Women.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Celebrity Stylists Attainable Aspiration

The ultimate fashion aspiration for most Women would be to have their own celebrity stylists on hand to dress them every time they walked out the front door, always looking amazing for the paps. The truth is most of us will never get that opportunity or will we?
Holly and Shirley Yanez are the very first Celebrity Stylists just for the general public. The Swap shop in Blaby is always ready to welcome new visitors who want to swap clothes, share advice and tap into top Hollywood tips on how to look fantastic on a budget.
Swapping is the new shopping!

Holly And Shirley Yanez Style On A Budget

For the past three years we have been styling the Country on a budget with our fantastic recycled fashion, hand picked from Charity Shops, Swapping parties and car boots. We have been doing our live budget lifestyle Show The Hollywood Look For Less all over the Country teaching Women how to look and feel amazing on a shoestring budget using our top celebrity styling tips.
Our mantra is simple, you cannot buy Style. Style is unique to you and can be achieved quite simply by having more confidence in yourself. We can all look at Cheryl Cole for inspiration but she is a very slim lass and what looks good on her, may not look so good on us. We are all about attainable aspiration and suggest you begin your style journey by picking up a designer bag from a recycled source then simply build an outfit around it by matching or contrasting colors.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

How To Be Happy Without Money

The problem with our lifestyle in these current times is everyone thinks they would be happy if they won the lotto but the reality is you would probably be more unhappy. We have had both Millions and pennies to live on which now makes us the perfect budget lifestyle experts to help the Nation use our insight to prove it is not money that makes us happy.

We can buy a £300 handbag because we have seen Jordan flashing around hers paid for by Gucci to sell the dream but for us mere mortals, the bag won't give us her life and why would we want it anyway, we have our own.

Happiness comes from caring about what you think about yourself and Not what others think about you. Money is a tool to survive and not to buy things you think will make you happy. The Hollywood Look For Less top tip for feeling happy is to forget about the past, that's gone. Don't look into the future, that's a mystery. Live in the moment, its all you have.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

How To Be Happy Without Money

Imagine your life without money and how it might impact everything you do. We have all been aspiring to keep up with the Jones but if you live in the perfect pool in Hollywood "keeping up" will only take you down, leaving you with a huge dose of status anxiety. When Brad Pitt decides to buy a yacht for $50 Million dollars you can bet George Clooney will buy one bigger and better for $100 Million, so the never ending desire to be Top Dog is rather stressful and somewhat pointless in the pursuit of happiness.
If your everyday life is filled with status anxiety, always leaving you worried about what others think about you, then the road to happiness will be never ending. You cannot buy a life at Harrods only buy stuff to go into your life so stop looking outward for happiness and take a look inside, money and status is nowhere to be found.
Alain de Botton, the great modern day philosopher and author of Status Anxiety is someone we recommended you check out because when we lost everything we realized just how unhappy having money had made us.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

A Modern Day Street Party

We all have to accept that times are changing, money is tight and the future is not about aspiration any more. Keeping up with the Jones has left us all still searching out our perfect life, isolating us from nurturing a cool community set up.
Today The Hollywood Look For Less attended a good old fashioned Street party in Syston organized by a wonderful person named Lisa who managed to get us to help volunteer with some face painting. It was such a great idea to bring the whole street together having fun, helping out with food, getting everyone excited and swapping skills to get something amazing achieved.
Our top tip ladies, is to think about organizing your own little street party with kids at one end having fun and you all swapping your clothes, styling each other for your own concrete catwalk fashion show, bringing the street party in to a 21st century green revolution.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Shopping Addiction?

Its official Girls our global shopping addiction is at pandemic levels
" Go shopping and feel better" is hard wired into our psyche and as money gets tighter and stress levels soar what better way to put the world to right with a little retail pick me up.
We think we love it but do we really? All that seems to happen is we end up with more and more clothes with the tickets still on, items have lost luster before we even get them home, don't fit, look right, nothing to go with it, then to be tossed in a pile of disasters in the spare room closet and we still have nothing to wear, go figure!
The truth is you cannot buy style and if you change the way you look at things, the things you already have in your closet might quite surprise you. The Hollywood Look For Less suggest before you do any more shopping, clear out what you already have and detach from what you know you will never wear and give it to the local charity shop.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Accessorize And Disguise

Keeping fit and trim over 40 is an up hill battle everyday but The Hollywood Look For Less have a few hot tips to help you on your way to looking the best you can.
Accessories can transform even the most ordinary outfit bringing a sense of unique style to your closet but be careful when choosing them, less is always more.
If you have a little black dress and we all should have one, team it up with some large black shades, a big red clutch some diamond studs and red heels. You will look a million dollars and help disguise any lumps and bumps round the middle. It is really worth shopping around the charity shops to find the right little black dress just for you that perfectly suits your shape and size.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Style Is A Way Of Life

It is time we all stopped living vicariously through Celebrity lives in cheesy magazines and begin to recognize, life is what YOU make it. You cannot buy Style, it is unique to you so be different and like celebrities don't give a fig what others think of you!
The first step to change is to take a long hard look in the mirror and ask yourself, what do I want to achieve today. It may be a walk, it may be a swim, it may be just being nice to everyone but whatever it is, we say do it in style.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Recycle Your Clothes

The Hollywood Look For Less took a walk about today in Leicester asking all the Women we met about their shopping habits since the recession began. It seems we are all feeling the pinch when it comes to retail therapy but the most enlightening thing we discovered was quite shocking, Women seem to have given up totally on style. Cheap disposable fashion has made it easy for you all to shop till you drop even the supermarkets are boosting huge profits, so why do we all feel fat frumpy and forgotten? The truth is you all need your confidence back after being bombarded by air brushed images in magazines and on TV making the average older Woman feel totally redundant in life. It is never too late to look and feel great even if you are broke. Swapping is the new shopping so clear out your closet and come to one of our amazing style and swap shows, the only place you get a brand new look without spending a penny!

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Style Taste Needs A Waist!

They call them love handles here in the UK which might work for the bedroom but at The Hollywood Look For Less where Style always rules over sex, to get a handle on your clothes, you have to love looking good more.
We all know as Women with age we spread and as we do so, styling ourselves becomes way more challenging. The truth is without a waist nothing you wear looks or feels right, we have all said it " I have not got a thing to wear" even with bulging wardrobes!
So here is the common sense choice, either accept that your looking matronly in maternity from this day forward or get waisted!

Middle Age Spread Or Just Over Fed?

Yes we have all been there when the jeans don't fit round the ever expanding waistline, leaving us all feeling more like a sad sumo than a sexy siren.
The truth is menopause promotes belly fat because of hormonal changes or ageing related weight gain, better known as the old lady body!
Many Women notice in middle age an increase in belly fat, combined with water retention, drinking coffee, chocolate, caffeine and wine, this problem will escalate out of control until you no longer recognize yourself. So what can we do to keep it under control?
The Hollywood Look For Less say either learn to love it or recognize you can no longer eat and drink what you like. Common Sense tells us we need to want to be thinner more than we want that second cream cake. Its not about being a stick insect or dieting, its about changing your life style habits and getting excited about looking like the old you again.
Its not easy to give up anything but it is possible and if nothing else, do it because you want to be healthy and live longer.