Saturday, 29 May 2010

Dress For Yourself

Don't worry about what others think about you, Style is unique to you so The Hollywood Look For Less say always dress for the drama of your life!
Style and confidence go hand in hand so unless you experiment you will never know what really suits you.
Our top tip for Smart Shopping and good Styling is to not invest in your new pieces until you know what works best.

Check out the car boot or your local Charity Shop and pick up unique things for cheap, if they work take them shopping with you and duplicate with something similar that is nice and new then recycle the experiment pieces back to the charity shop.
Updating your look now and again is essential for everyone, it is not just all about looking good on the outside but feeling good on the inside to.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Donate Before Its To Late!

Things are pretty grim right now for all the Charity Shops so please, please donate your clothes before it is to late!
Good quality clothes are so needed and we all have something in the closet we don't wear, never will or just plain hate, so have a clear out and drop off a bag at your local Charity Shop. Recycling is a great way to help stop landfill waste, at the same time give what is old to you, a new lease of life for someone new.
Thanks. Here we are with Sue the manager at Oxfam in Oadby who is waiting for you to stop by and say Hi.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Is Love Addiction A Permanent Affliction?

Here at The Hollywood Look For Less, the love drug is the most powerful and dangerous of them all. Not that we are down on love, we are merely questioning how the quest for it takes over our lives. You cannot look for love, only attract it, is lesson number one. So, if most of your conversation revolves around getting a Man, having sex with a Man or complaining about a Man, you may feel forgotten but in truth, you have forgotten, about your self. Like any addiction, the more you have, the more you want until the quest for love becomes, all by myself with ten chocolate bars and a crate of wine. The Male and Female species are diametrically apposed when it comes to love, unlike Women, Men don't think and feel at the same time. Simply put, when they are loving you, they are not thinking and when they are thinking they are not loving you. Once you recognize this, you also recognize being preoccupied with "will he text" "will he call" is the road to a straight jacket and confinement in a sanatorium. Our best advice is go cold turkey, give up your phone for one month and think about all the extra me time you will have.

Top Hollywood Diet Tip.

Never get caught by the paps without your air brushing kit with you!
We are all at some point prone to a bit of yo yo dieting, even those in the perfect pool but it is not often we see the off guard reality. We have all been brain washed by perfect images in magazines that are air brushed, leaving us all feeling fat, frumpy and forgotten. The truth is when you reach forty everything starts to head South and by 50 we end up on the treadmill of constantly watching our diet, the days of eating what we like are over. Recognize diets do not work, looking like a super model takes a complete lifestyle change and all this is possible for anyone if you do the work, it is a choice. When you want to be thin more than you want the cream cake, you are on your way.

How To Get What You Want Out Of Life.

The Hollywood Look For Less is all about asking, What do I want out of my life and teaching, how to say no to what you don't want.
Communication is the key to getting what you want but sadly most of us make emotional decisions not rational ones, so we are here to help you put that right and steer you on the road to personal success. whether it be losing weight, relationships, style, health or lifestyle, making just one change can transform the way you think about yourself. If you wake up and the first thing you do is make two cups of coffee to get you going, chances are you never really get there feeling refreshed and ready. Our top tip to start your day to be the best you can be, is to swap the coffee for two cups of mint tea. Not only will you feel fantastic, you will have changed your first pattern and stopped having caffeine, which in turn will detox and cleanse your soon to be, mean, lean, working machine.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Feel Fat Frumpy And Forgotten?

The Hollywood Look For Less is all about feeling radiant, ravishing and remembered. The bodies natural relaxation response is a powerful antidote to stress, deep breathing, yoga and some meditation can help activate this response.
Your relaxation response brings your system back in to balance, reducing stress, hormones, breathing, heart rate and blood pressure leaving you feeling fresh and rested.
The key to deep breathing is to fill your lungs with as much fresh air as possible and hold it in for as long as you can. So the next time you feel fat frumpy and forgotten find somewhere peaceful, take a deep breath and start to feel alive again.

Free Fashion

The Hollywood Look For Less Swap Shop and Style studio is all about recycling what is old to you for something new. Smart shopping is the future so why not do something good for the plant and swap your clothes. As an incentive we are going to be giving away fantastic recycled unique pieces from our own Eco collection twice monthly, starting next week. So check back to see what is up for grabs and let us know your own style dilemmas. We are here to help!
Check out this amazing recycled outfit both pieces found in a Charity Shop in Leicester for under £20. The top is from Chanel and was the find of the century.

Holly And Shirley Yanez

The Hollywood Look For Less is here to give you all some really cool budget ways to look and feel the best you can at a certain age! So whether you need a stylish new look for less, long to loose some weight and look great or just want a new spin on life after 40, we are here to help and guide you all.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Why Does The Fairytale Always End At The Wedding?

Common Sense Celibacy.
Sex, we want it but do we need it?
We are always asked by Women if we think sex is over rated and bad for us. Having been celibate for years ourselves, after recognizing the fairytale does end at the wedding,
life without sex can be liberating and desirable.
Happy ever after is a state of mind and we are sure there are many who have kissed the right Prince and enjoy a monogamous relationship but for those still left on the shelf covered in dust and self doubt, the 2010 dating scene is a jungle. The Hollywood Look For Less cure for Sad Cow Disease is to do the unthinkable and give up sex for a while.
We can guarantee your focus and energy levels will improve. You will experience fewer dramatic mood swings we Girls are so renowned for and you will be much more purposeful and get more achieved. Just think, all that time fretting over Men can now be used to devote to yourself. We only know what we know until we know something else so give it up for a while and become desirable once again.

Are You Too Old At 50 To Be On Tv?

What hope do Women have in a world where you are on the heap after 50?

No wonder we all feel fat, frumpy and forgotten!
It seems that TV Executives and Magazine Editors are obsessed with airbrushing skinny 16 year old's in order to give us a balanced look at what fashion is offering, leaving anyone with a real body and wrinkles feeling completely depressed. You only have to look at TV ratings and Magazine sales to know they are not exactly getting it right because people are switching off and not reading that rubbish anymore.

We know when you get past 40 it all starts to go south and that goes for everyone, so alienating half the Country and writing them off is so very short sighted. We know after building a fantastic army of fabulously mature and wise supporters that this forgotten market is massive, untapped and just waiting for something to be commissioned just for them.

You only have to look at Sharon Osbourne who is nearly 60 and very cool, proving that no all Women over a certain age are disregarded and forgotten but actually have some experience to offer other "likewise" Women. The sad thing for us is that it is older Women in power who are making these stupid judgements, when in fact they should know better!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Our Free Face Lift Without Surgery

Growing older gracefully is the key to looking and feeling 10 years younger not ending up looking like a giant alien trout. Botox is a poison or toxin made by certain bacteria in botulism food poisoning. What we put into our bodies is fuel, just like putting oil in your car engine, so logically sooner or later putting poison in your body is going to have some kind of negative impact.
So what is the ultimate price for this fountain of youth? It may help as an instant fix but like anything once it wears off, you are at it again.
Our Hollywood Top Tip For Looking younger is simple, safe, can be done at home and works if you stick at it.
Free face lift tips. Take an ice cube and rub it across your face every Morning to tighten up your face muscles and give them a work out. Eat five Brazil nuts everyday, they contain oil that helps plump out the skin and finally tilt back your head then open and close your mouth like a fish to lift up the neck. Do this everyday for life like brushing your teeth and you will see fantastic results.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Shirley Yanez The Hollywood Look For Less

Hello welcome to the blog.

I am Shirley Yanez, you may have read a little bit about what Holly and I do in the Daily Mirror today. Our passion is all about helping other Women through the trials and tribulations of growing older gracefully on a budget. We believe you don't have to be fat frumpy and forgotten, we are living proof and love sharing all our fantastic do it at home, Hollywood top tips, for free. We love to get your feedback and are always here to answer your styling, health and beauty problems so please get in touch.

Daily Mirror On Giving Up Sex

Hi Ladies check out the Daily Mirror today and read about our Hollywood Look For Less tip on why giving up sex could be good for you and your body.

Monday, 17 May 2010

The First UK Clothes Swap Shop

If you want to be Hollywood Chic on a budget and do what A Lister's do, then read on.
Imagine a place, the only one in the land where your existing unlovable wardrobe can be swapped for new to you. A Paradise boutique where every individual piece is scrutinized for high swapability by celebrity stylists to ensure standards never slip. An inclusive members only club for green fashionista's with their heads screwed on when it comes to swapping style.

Style Queens Of Green

If swapping is the new shopping and green is the new scene then we are the new Queens of Green when it comes to Style.
We all have closets full of mistakes, some still with the tags on. Fashion is a business and of course we all love shopping and should keep doing so but we suggest some smart shopping and by this we mean think before you buy.
Style is what makes us unique and stand out from the rest, so hand picking the best pieces to make up the perfect ensemble is the way forward. Anything you have in your closet that you have never worn, never will or hate, give to the local charity shop or have your own swap and start again with some styling tips by following our simple rules, Match or contrast.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Swap and Shop

We have all been living a Millionaire lifestyle on a credit card for the past ten years but like all things aspirational, if it is out of your price range and you don,t have a life, getting a LV handbag on loan for a week is a little pointless.
If you take a look at Hollywood Celebrities they can buy a yacht for 50 Million but someone will always pull up next to them in a bigger and better one, making the task of being the biggest and best, pointless. You cannot buy a life at Harrods just stuff to go into a life so give up on keeping up with the pack and start thinking about what really makes you happy.
Our top Hollywood Look For Less tip on down sizing is very simple, clean out your closet of all those things you have bought but never wear and swap them with someone else for something new to you. Smart Shopping and Styling is the key to a new outfit and a new way to look at what you should be investing your money in.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Keep Young And Beautiful

If you want to have a Hollywood body like Sharon Stone or Cameron Diaz, then we have the top tips on how to achieve this but like everything in LA, it comes with a price, pain and discipline.

The natural way to look and feel 20 years younger, live 20 years longer and feel 20 years fitter is Yoga, considered a mind-body intervention which has been used for hundreds of years to help the health effect of generalized stress. Yoga is the healing system of theory and practice, breathing, mediation and exercise, three things you need to look and feel younger.
Meditation is the perfect way to find time just for you, to think about your life, your health and your purpose and of course a fab figure at the end is the ultimate results of yoga.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Recession Depression

We can tell you from experience that it is not money that makes us happy inside, of course it is the best instant fix, the feel good factor in the moment but still wanting it after you have got it is the problem.
Its like eating chocolate, it makes you feel good when you are eating it but leaves you wanting more and then if you don't exercise off the calories, no matter how much you spend on a new outfit, you still don,t feel good because you feel fat and nothing fits you.
The Recession has been very depressing time for many of us but our positive spin on it may put things in to perspective for you all. If we have little money for shopping we cannot continue to buy the same thing, another pair of jeans, that don't fit, never will and was just to make us feel good in the moment. If we have to buy food on a budget forget cheap supermarket food full of junk, sugar and preservatives, get to your local market at the end of the day and pick up some fruit and veg for almost next to nothing.
Exercise will give you the best high you have ever had and once addicted, there is no going back and walking is free!

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Our Green Godesses Want More Recycling On TV

The process of recycling our old clothes and textile fibers reduces waste going into landfill. Retail and whole waste is the biggest culprit and there have been massive increases in the quantity of textile waste being dumped.
So all the Ladies and Gents who are coming to watch our live show The Hollywood Look For Less want to get behind us and try to do something about this problem. It is time to think about smart shopping and savvy swapping, a win win for everyone.
Charity shops are so desperate for donations which for Oxfam means their own donations this year are down by 15%.
95% of clothing donated to Oxfam is turned into cash, so waste goes to good and we all get to buy something unique and new to us on which we can all practice our styling.