Friday, 30 April 2010

Swap Till We Stop Landfill Waste.

How great would it be if we could all just for one day clear out our over filled closets and have a big swap party?
If you would like to support the planet and help stop 100 million tons of landfill waste then let us know because we are having a huge swap in Leicester Town Center, date to be arranged and need your support. Follow us on here and twitter for the details. Thanks.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Looking For Harvey Weinstein

We have just had some new books printed about our funny time living in LA LA Land, the only place on the planet where nothing makes sense and there is no business in show business, the title of book number two, just being finished now.
We have all the top tips on how to make it in Hollywood and all the pitfalls you might face. It will make you laugh so if you fancy coming with us on a journey swimming with sharks, hanging out with top celebrities and making complete fools of ourselves, then check it out on amazon.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

How to Look Like A Hollywood Celebrity

Our top Hollywood Look For Less tip for instantly looking like you should be shopping on Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills is sooooooooooooo simple, inexpensive and works to help you stand out from the crowd.
Just pop on a pair of large black sunglasses and carry your phone in your hand like you are waiting for your agent to call.
The best place to pick up a pair of fab glasses this season if you are strapped for cash is Tesco F&F who have a brilliant range to choose from.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Demi Moore Top Tips For Skinny Hips

Lets face it obesity and poverty is a paradox, yet in the World we are reaching epidemic levels of over weight people all desperatly looking for that miracle diet. Well we have bad news for all of you, the only miracle diet we know of is to starve yourself to death or get someone to airbrush you! Being skinny is the only true benefit to being poor, you don,t see obesity in Africa now do you?

Our Top Hollywood Look For Less healthy snack does work and was discovered by Demi Moore who swears by it and look at how good she looks in middle age. Demi has an amazing toned body and all without the help of a Beverly Hills Surgeon. She spends hours in the gym, walking and taking care not to snack between lettuce leafs! Her top snacking tip and it works, we can confirm is the apple and peanut butter treat. Its cheap, taste fantastic and always stands in for that instant chocoholic attack in the middle of the day.

Remember a taste on the lips puts pounds on your hips so get some apples cover in peanut butter and snack away until your heart is content.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Funky Junk At Car Boot

The best kept secret in this current economic climate is at your local car boot. We did two yesterday and found the most amazing trash, a brown soft leather Guess coat, $400 new, we got it for £20 and some Sasha shoes, brand new, £5, picture attached.

It is amazing when the Sun shines how many people do a car boot for fun and of course a little extra cash is always helpful so clear out your closet and get booting, you never know what treasure you might just find.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Don't Hide Mother Of The Bride

Why is it that Women of a certain age wake up in the middle of the Night in hot sweats? Yes the dreaded menopause but we know there is something much more terrifying out there for such Women and that is the prospect of looking fabulous for the most important event ever, Mother of the bride. The outfit does not have to make you look like every other frumpy, uncomfortable, out of date, Style Victim. Confidence with a young attitude will only reflect well on the bride. Complimenting, color coordinating and classy is the only way to go.
Top Mother of the Bride Tip. Don't spend a fortune on one day buying something you will only wear once. Get your hat, if you insist on wearing one and it suits you, from a charity shop in a posh area like Bath. Buy funky recycled unique separates and create an outfit from scratch, this way you invest little to practice your style before taking the look shopping to buy the real thing for the big day.

Hollywood Body Weight Loss Tip

The Hollywood Look For Less detox will take a month to work in which time you will be inspired enough to change your old patterns into new much healthy ones. The brutal truth is simple, never well received and always ends up destroying all excuses. We never see fat skeletons do we? Obesity and poverty is an oxymoron! So telling the brutal truth to yourself is the start to a fab new body. Insight comes from experience so we can say with complete integrity that our detox plan works.
For one month you are going to live like a monk and give up the following bad habits, alcohol, caffeine, no decaf, white carbs, smoking, chocolate, processed food, biscuits, puddings and optional, sex.
Your detox plan begins.
Wake up and drink two cups of fresh peppermint tea and have a bowl of cereal or a boiled egg with wholemeal toast.
Mid Morning you can have two pieces of fruit.
Lunch you can have a tuna salad or a jacket potato with filling and two more cups of peppermint tea.
Mid Afternoon you can have have a piece of fruit or five brazil nuts.
Dinner you can have fish and vegetables or meat and vegetables and two more cups of peppermint tea. Do not eat anything after 7pm.
Walk five miles per day.
We did not say it was easy but it does work and it is only one month to help kick start the rest of your new you life.

Top Hollywood For Less Tip For Weight Loss

The biggest cause of cellulite is down to fake chocolate and we don't mean dark coco chocolate, the real thing which is a caffeine free zone, we are talking about manufactured milk chocolate like Mars or Cadbury. This is NOT chocolate and tastes nothing like the real thing, it is just sugar and caffeine which translates into FAT!
If you start to really taste real chocolate, you will never go back and to top it all off it is a natural aphrodisiac, stimulant that makes you feel good.
No One in the Hollywood A Lister pool will ever eat anything but real 95% coco dark chocolate, so take this top tip and give it a go.
What do you have to loose expect that flabby orange peel fat on your poor body.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Nigel Knows Where A Hollywood A Lister Goes.

If you are really set on getting that Hollywood Lifestyle for less, no matter what it takes, then we have to give you our top A Lister Celebrity tip to get on the list.

There is only one person who knows how to get you into the Oscars as a seat filler, into a VIP party at the Sky Bar, an invite to the Playboy Mansion or five star living it up in Las Vegas.
The only problem with knowing Nigel, you have to find him.
We suggest you start networking, you never know who you know might just know and before you know it, your in the know!

Monday, 5 April 2010

Up Close And Personal

The Hollywood Look For Less Show went down a Storm on Ocean Village, our first cruise. Thank you to all the amazing people who came to watch the live show, have a Hollywood makeover and watch our up close and personal interview.
We loved it and remember ladies, our top tip for looking 10 years younger is to cover those arms with a three quarter length sleeve, just like Sophia Loren does!