Monday, 22 March 2010

Hollywood Top Tip For Weight Loss.

There are no short cuts to getting the Hollywood look for less body, exercise, cutting out some carbs and NO alcohol have to be mandatory and part of your everyday lifestyle.

Eating healthy is the best way to get your whole body looking great including nails, hair and skin. We suggest you try this little top tip from the lifestyle mantra of the Rich and Famous, Kelp noodles, which are high in potassium, iron, B6, riboflavin and fiber.

It is a wild, non-hybridized food and probably the most nutritious food you can put into your body. You can buy these at any health store for not much money and add your own favorite Thai sauce. It is claimed that kelp and seaweed are good for helping with weight loss, just take a look at the Japanese, you don,t see many fat ones now do you?

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Ocean Village The Hollywood Look For Less

Barbados to Maderia
We are almost ready to take off for the first live Celebrity Styling Show, The Hollywood Look For Less, with Ocean Village Cruises.
We will be doing one to one styling with all our Hollywood top tips on how to look and feel Hollywood fabulous on a budget.
Dates 24th March to April 2nd.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Softer Hands With Natural Brands

The sun always shines in Hollywood and soft hands never do dishes, so the need for a miracle credit crunch hand treatment is non existent.
The UK on the other hand has bitter cold winters that take up almost half a year and often leave us with chapped, rough and dried out skin. If money is no object, Chanel body cream is perfect for keeping your hands smooth, soft and more youthful looking.
Our Top Hollywood Look For Less tip is maybe not as fancy or expensive but without a shadow of doubt, will do the same job.
Sea salt with olive oil and a couple drops of your favorite scent mixed together, is all you need. The salt scrubs off any dead skin, olive oil moisturizes and the scent drops make it smell good.
Rub this mixture all over your hands then put on some thin plastic gloves with woolen ones on top and sleep like a baby while your hands indulge to help turn back time.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

How to Look Sharon Stone Good At 51

Looking good and feeling great is all about confidence and watching your weight.
Take the amazing Sharon Stone who even without her slap still looks incredible at 51, so how does she do it?
She eats to survive not for comfort.
She drinks plenty of water.
She exercises.
She eats Brazil Nuts, a super food.
She wants to be slim rather than devouring a cream cake.
She knows how hard it is to look good after 40 and works at it every day.
Now this might seem impossible for most but the truth is if you dream of looking like a movie star, recognize the work and effort it takes but remember with the work comes results and reward.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Recession Rescue Second-hand Sector.

Second-hand chic is already taking over in the USA as the new way to shop, growth in this sector has defied retail analyst's predictions. Could the UK be next? Shopping new for what you need, now considered a luxury by many has been replaced by shopping new to you, recycled.
By Ed Stoddard and Tim Gaynor
DALLAS/PHOENIX (Reuters) - The recession has taken its toll on many large U.S. retailers but smaller ones catering to the second-hand market are flourishing as the cash-strapped seek the holy grail of the American consumer: a bargain.
In August the National Association of Resale & Thrift Shops (NARTS), which claims to be the world's largest resale trade association, said a survey of its membership about second quarter sales in 2009 compared to the same period in 2008 showed increasing turnover in the second-hand sector.
"Of the 263 stores that responded, 64.1 percent said sales increased -- with an average increase of approximately 31 percent -- 11.5 percent said sales were about the same and 24.4 percent had a decrease in sales," it said.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Brand Out From The Crowd.

Celebrity Top Tips- Holly and Shirley share celebrity (budget) tips, they have tried and tested themselves to make sure they work.
How to get a free facelift, (Sharon Stone)

How to banish bat wings and muffin tops forever and if you cannot stomach a raw food diet.

How to maintain glowing healthy looking skin. (Uma Thurman). Hanging upside down would you believe?

Come see our live Hollywood Look For Less show and get your confidence back.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

The Hollywood Look For Less.

Although the desire to shop will never wane, with less disposable income than we have had in years, (wardrobe willing but wallet weak) consumers are being forced to make much more considered decisions when it comes to what they buy. It has been well publicised retailers are slashing prices to encourage customers into stores but with a weakening pound and rising inflation we all know this cannot continue indefinitely. The Hollywood Look For Less Show boosts trade by getting customers excited about their own personal style and confident in their ability to style. In Holly and Shirley’s experience when clients are informed how to use what they already have as the startling point to create exciting and new looks they are much more likely to go out and buy unique new necessary pieces they love but more importantly need, to complete a look.