Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Champagne Tates On A Beer Budget! Smart Shopping.

You know the saying “champagne tastes on a beer budget.” We can all relate to that saying these days but forget about beer, most of us are on a water budget.

While many a fashionista has probably dreamed of owning a closet like Victoria Beckham, her sea of designer goods would have most of us drowning in debt.
But that doesn’t mean you can’t update your wardrobe. You can still be frugal and still look fabulous. How? Save money by swapping instead of shopping!

In Holly and Shirley’s experience when clients are informed how to use what they already have as the startling point to create exciting and new looks they are much more likely to go out and buy unique new necessary pieces they love but more importantly need, to complete a look.
Smart shopping is not just getting what you want but wanting it after you have got it. Women all over the country have a wardrobe or two full of clothes yet say they have "nothing to wear." Holly and Shirley insist styling an outfit is like painting a picture, a creative process that without all the component parts looks unfinished or incomplete. Many people have the misconception they are rubbish with clothes and admit to being lost, clueless and often overwhelmed but the truth is styling, like anything else, is easy once you know how and this show can teach anyone.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

The Swap Shop

Here we are in the Swap Shop today getting ready for a big swapping event coming up soon in Blaby, our Village.
You will all get the chance to clear out your closets and bring along five of your best pieces you no longer wear, fits you or mistake buys and swap them for something new to you.
We will be on hand as the public stylists, just like your favourite celebrity has, in order to give you our top budget tips on how to look and feel fantastic without much money. The clothes that are left over from the event will be sent to the local charity shops to help with much needed donation pleas.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Fashion Trade Chic

Our Eco Style Swap Studio is unique because clothing and accessories are sold and traded directly with our customers who bring in their former favorites for trade on the spot! The studio will trade quality fashion items that can then be resold, making our selection Eco eclectic, fresh and fun. Our ever-changing inventory includes fantastic designer wear, vintage couture, denim designer jeans, wedding dresses, great staples, and irresistible one-of-a-kind items. You'll also find a fantastic range of accessories to choose from. We offer great fashion finds at low prices where recycling is always in style. Almost half of the 2.5 billion pounds of post consumer textile waste prevented from entering the solid waste stream is recycled as secondhand clothing, according to the Council for Textile Recycling. So trading used clothing has a positive environmental impact. If you have a passion for fashion and enjoy the thrill of finding a bargain we see this new way of shopping as the perfect answer to achieving greener practices at the same time promoting a fun unique way of styling the Nation. When you buy second-hand clothes, you can often pick up unusual period pieces as well as environmentally-friendly garments and accessories. Eco-savvy fashion choices unload clothes for all types of reasons and you know that old saying about trash and treasure. From Hollywood vintage dresses to Free cycled High Street and couture, you can likely find the piece you're looking for second hand. You'll be giving a cast-off garment a second life, and picking up something that becomes new to you creating a unique style to suit your lifestyle. Fashion shopping is no longer about one upmanship but about where you can get a trendsetting look for less and creating a sex and the city wardrobe to die for.
Secondhand clothing outlets across the Globe have seen business surge this year as the consumer snaps up popular brands like top shop, Zara and classic Couture at a fraction of the regular price.
With current climate change creating little difference between summer and winter, consumers are reluctant to invest in clothes that, from one season to the other, use the same fabric and weight. There is only one word to describe the fashion industry if we do not change our way of thinking soon and that word spells disaster.
This is a great new way to look at changing consumer thinking as we embark on a credit crunch crusade doing our bit to help save the planet but still remain self confessed shopaholics.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Top Tip For The Day

Fashion is about dressing for the drama of your life.
Style puts you center stage.
Confidence gets you under the spotlight.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Shopaholic To Swapaholic.

We all know there is nothing more fun than going for some retail therapy every now and again but when shopping is the only thing that makes us happy, we have to question the behaviour and the results.
Most Women will hold up their hands and admit to having ten pairs of identical black trousers in the closet, 200 pairs of shoes we rarely ever wear and many pieces that will never fit us, no matter how much we diet. With all of this truth in mind, we suggest a little bit of detaching from what you will never wear and a bit of swapping with friends for things you will wear.
Being addicted to a shopping fix can be very expensive but swapping gets you a brand new look without spending a penny and you are saving the planet at the same time.
So get in the closet, sort out all the stuff you have never worn, the mistakes or the duplicates and say goodbye once and for all. We are sure your friends will all find something in your cast offs that will work for them and vice versa.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Swop Till You Drop

If you are a shameless shopaholic now thanks to the recession with less money than sense somewhere squirrelled behind Sycamore Street in Blaby, Leicestershire is Britain's best kept secret, The very first Swap shop, The Hollywood Look For Less.
Check out the story in the Leicester Mercury.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Fashion Evolution And A Swapping Revolution

To start your own fashion evolution it is critical you venture into your closet and give it the once over, once and for all and anything you don't look fantastic in, swap it!
(Anything left over donate to the charity shop) Clothes should make you feel fantastic about yourself and fill you with confidence.
Now you are ready to plan your new, exciting, purchase-free wardrobe so take an inventory of the beloved clothes that survived your purging and put them back in the closet in easy to find categories IE dresses, shirts, pants skirts etc, you can even color co-ordinate them if you feel brave.
Once you know exactly what you have, you can fill in the gaps with sporadic swapping or savvy shopping, just like your favorite celebrity.