Monday, 25 January 2010

Shameless Bargainista

Swapping recycled fashion brings together ethical shopping, bargain hunting and good fun and it's the hottest fashion trend right now.
This year has seen a huge surge of interest in ethical issues around shopping, particularly in landfill and the link to global warming so come on Girls lets lead the way and save the planet together. There is a real feelgood factor to swapping, not only do you clear out the wardrobe but you also get a brand new look without spending a single penny and that has to be good.
This is our styled outfit of the day up for swaps in the Style Studio.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

21st-century-shopping-revolution-taking-place now

BBC Radio Leiecter will be reporting from the Swap Shop this Morning at 7.25am so make sure you tune in.
The first Swapping Recycled Fashion Shop in the UK that came about by two ex Millionaire Shopaholics Stylists on the dole just a year ago who had to reinvent themselves and build a new business without money.
This is attainable Aspiration, even if you don't have a lot of money, which in this climate is most of us right now. In the same way the High Street has bought designer collections to the masses, Jimmy Choo at H&M, Holly and Shirley are bringing vintage designer recycled clobber, something Women aspire too but cannot normally have to anyone.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Swap Till You Drop

Here is just one wardrobe of fantastic one off,new to you, pieces you can rummage through for the perfect swap.
No matter what your currency, whether it is a Chanel Bag or a Top Shop jacket, if it gets you a pass into the studio, everything is up for grabs!

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Beauty Comes From Within.

You can read all about our new Style Studio in a feature in the Leicester Mercury this week.
Check it out!
We are moving away from cheap disposable fashion in 2010 and are now shopping for wardrobe essentials rather than fast fashions, which tend to be impulse buys. The proportion of textile waste dumped at council tips has risen from 7% to 30% in five years, raising concerns about sustainability.
We have set up a new way for all you ladies to still get the shopping fix and walk away with something new, to you, to wear by offering a swap shop experience. You pay just £5.00 entrance fee to the swap shop and can swap five of your wardrobe mistakes for five new pieces from the Style Studio. Whatever is left over will be donated to charity.
By taking unwanted clothes to your nearest charity shop you’re saving them from landfill, giving others a chance to wear them and helping to support whichever charity you choose.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The Hollywood Look For Less

Well Christmas is over and you are not alone if you are struggling to muster enthusiasm for the New Year. We have already returned any unwanted gifts and squeezed our last piece of Xmas pleasure from the January sales but with facing the credit card bills the next item on the agenda, shopping is well and truly on hold for most of us.For those amongst us, dare I say it, who consider shopping more of a hobby than a necessity, statistics tell us it is the nation’s number one pastime, this is a problem. Giving up a sixty a day habit would be preferable to and easier than never setting foot in Highcross again. Like any habit though, the fix is temporary and always leaves you wanting for more money, more wardrobe space and ultimately more stuff that many of us never wear anyway. If this is sounding like you, don’t despair. You can now escape your fate of suffocating under a mountain of unworn clothes and final demand notices at The Style Studio and get a fantastic new wardrobe over and over again without breaking the bank.