Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Buy Loan Or Swap Sale.

Check out the sale at The Style Studio. Here we are in some of the fantastic unique recycled clothes from last year now available to buy, loan or swap.

New year, new you!

Luxury Living For Less

We will be doing our regular Luxury for less strand on The Rupal Rajani weekday BBC Radio Leicester lunch-time show.
Today we will cover our Top Hollywood Look For Less, luxury for free Tips, including how to get a free face-lift, a free make-over and the top new year budget Diet tips, Demi Moore swears by.
Listen in on our next Show on Jan 4th at Noon, when we will have something very exciting to share with you.

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

New Year Resolution Solution

OK, so you all crave the perfect body, spend hours convincing yourself the new year resolutions this year will pay off but who are we kidding, except ourselves.
We have compiled the essential top ten ways to achieve a new year, new you regime, that works, is not easy and most are unable to even think about, let alone attempt. Good Luck!
1. Drink only water and herbal teas.
2. Eat five small but healthy meals every day.
3. No smoking
4. No alcohol
5. Walk or run fives miles per day.
6. No cream cakes, biscuits or chocolate.
7. Take a yoga class twice a week.
8. Meditate for one hour per day.
9. Always smile.
10. Give up working for a living.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

The Style The Swap And The Wardrobe

They say money can not buy happiness, but it sure can put a smile on your face when it makes Prada and Gucci garments more affordable. We were the planets biggest shopaholics before we lost all our money and shopping for labels, was as important as, shopping for love.These days we have found swapping to be the new shopping because every Women has a wardrobe full of mistakes, just bursting to be de-cluttered and passed on to a new loving home.Our Hollywood Look For Less top tip is to invite a group of your friends round for some lunch and tell them to bring two things from their wardrobe they have never worn to swap, this can include shoes, bags and other accessories. There is no need to have any formal way of doing things, just have fun and see how many successful swaps you make, beats feeling depressed when you cannot afford a new frock, trust us.It is such a good fun idea and everyone hopefully will walk away with something new, that did not cost a penny.
Make Eco fashion your passion and your friends green with envy.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Recycling Rocks With Secondhand Frocks

Every time we recycle our party dresses, we give an everyday item a new lease of life, so get savvy and swap last year's party dress with friends for a brand new look without spending a penny.

New consumer research for Recycle Now Week reveals that over half of us feel guilty for not doing more to protect the environment. The nation’s top causes of ‘green guilt’ are throwing food away (41%), using plastic bags at the supermarket (33%), throwing packaging away instead of recycling (28%), leaving the TV on stand-by (27%), and travelling short distances in the car, instead of walking or cycling (23%).

As we say buy new and the joke is on you.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Luxury For Less

Check out these amazing earrings which you can pick up at the Style Studio right now and dazzle everyone at the Christmas party.
There is only one pair, they are unique and recycled so hurry up before they go.