Thursday, 26 November 2009

The Well, Kibworth. Evening of Style.

Come and see us at the grand opening of The Well drop in center in Kibworth on Dec 10th.
Fantastic Evening of style, recycled fabulous fashion and how to look and feel fantastic, over 40, on a budget, what more could we wish for ladies!

Friday, 13 November 2009

Two Ex Millionaires And A Load Of Old Clothes

It is hard to imagine that one year ago we were on the dole as celebrity stylists, all we had was a load of unique clothes hand picked from charity shops and a dream.
The dream was to style the Nation on a budget, put back some much needed glamour and get everyone recycling. After a year at Butlins entertaining and confidence building with happy holiday makers, we have become stylists to the public and why not, you don't have to be a celebrity to have a personal stylist, it is now possible for anyone.

If The Shoe Fits

Here are just some of the amazing recycled shoes we have collected over the last three years, all available in The Hollywood Look For Less Style Studio.

Secondhand Rose In Recycled Clothes.

Today we styled our first client Michelle who was in a panic because she could not find a look or an outfit for a wedding tomorrow.
She joined the Style studio, had a styling experience and walked away looking Hollywood fabulous in a complete unique recycled outfit. Once she has worn it, loved it and is over it, like most Women she will want something new to wear.
As a member she can bring back the outfit and swap it for something else for a small fee, constantly updating her wardrobe and her look, the perfect shopaholic paradise.

Swap Or Not

We will be out and about again today with our fabulous rail of recycled clothes up for swap. This amazing designer, one off, purple winter coat is our "on trend" item for today and you could be the lucky owner if you are prepared to swap your coat for ours.

How it works.

We are hoping to re-style the Nation by taking our recycled style studio clothes on to the High Street and with our drab to fab mini make-overs convince everyone to swap their own clobber for a brand new look without spending a penny.

Watch out for us.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Lets Us Style You And Save You A Fortune

If you are lacking in confidence, dread shopping for new clothes, feel frumpy or just fancy a change our styling service maybe just what you need.
We will spend an hour with you in our recycled Style Studio where all the pieces have been hand picked, size and age is irrelevant and you get the chance to play dress up without obligation or humiliation.
This one off styling service is the only place you get to walk way with a completed brand new outfit if you so desire, if the cap fits then wear it, so to speak.

Style Is Unique Fashion For Sheep

We had some fun today in the Hollywood Look For Less style studio by creating this amazing secondhand chic Chanel copy outfit and all for under £30.
You can check it out in our window and if you would like us to help you recreate a look then pop in and say hello.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Public Stylists Save The Day.

Styling is a skill that appears to allude many in the U.K. In Britain, we have chosen to shop till we drop instead, the fashion industry’s answer to reaching fashionista’s nirvana, the place celebrities in magazines tell us they go in between rehab. The TV gives us our weekly dose of fashion shows which all talk of styling without actually delivering any concrete "how tos" and the constant use of "on trend" and "must haves" puts us once again firmly in that subliminal, inescapable shopaholic matrix.
The solution is the studio located at 5C Cross Street, Blaby next door to Movie Zone, where women have the opportunity to resolve their personal fashion frustrations and body hang-ups with experts, get concrete information and help in making the most of what they already have. Where else can you try completely styled looks, colours, accessories you have not tried or tend to shy away from.
Unlike a retail store Holly and Shirleys unique collection of recycled clothes is not for sale, as each piece has been individually handpicked and is priceless to them. However anyone can join their Stylista club after consultation. Stylista members are eligible to borrow complete styled looks for special events and occasions for a week at a time.
"Celebrities rarely buy clothes for an event or occasion, they borrow them from designers or more likely their stylist, the basis for our idea." said Holly
"So if you, are sick of being a slave to the fashion industry’s rhythm, are stuck in a time warp, have too many clothes and nothing to wear or are just completely lost when it comes to your look, say these two simple rules aloud,
STYLE IS UNIQUE, FASHION IS FOR SHEEP, then call us." said Shirley

Our Style Studio Is Now Open

20th October, 2009-Countesthorpe, Leicestershire. Holly(44) and Shirley(53) Yanez, hosts of the hit styling show The Hollywood Look For Less, are opening the first Hollywood Style Studio in Blaby, Leicestershire on 3rd November. 2009 just in time for the Christmas social calendar. They will be available for personal or group styling consultations and closet clearouts by appointment.
"Styling is a service normally reserved for celebrities or the very wealthy. After the success of the show the public are clearly crying out for style help on a budget." said Shirley
For those amongst us, dare I say it, with a shopping addiction, giving up a twenty a day habit is preferable to never setting foot in a shopping mall again. Take it from Holly and Shirley, the people who put the word "shopaholic" in the O.E.D. But like any bad habit, when the fix is temporary and only leaves you wanting more money, for more wardrobe space and ultimately more shopping, you can do one of only two things;
Die under a mountain of unworn clothes and final demand notices or
Book in to The Hollywood Look For Less Style Studio.

How To Get A Brand New Look Without Spending A Penny.

Here we are at Butlins Minehead where we have been doing some amazing Hollywood budget makeovers for happy holiday makers.
We have just finished a long season and it has been fantastic, we hope you loved it and now feel more confident about how to style yourself and look amazing on a budget.