Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Here We Are At Butlins Minehead

Fantastic shows this week and some amazing drab to fab make overs.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Have No Fear Styling Help Is Finally Here.

Everyday we are finding out just how fed up Women in the UK are with style and fashion, it seems most have given up all hope of ever looking great or feeling confident .
Retail is in trouble, sizing is out of control and fashion all looks the same, so unless you know how to put a complete outfit together, in effect be a stylist, looking stylish, unique and co-ordinated is impossible for most.
We run the very first recycled Style Studio in our village where Women come in for Styling sessions and get help to decide what to wear for that special event, they can then borrow the outfit for a small fee and bring it back a week later.
We have also inspired many local Women to loose weight and look great.

Friday, 2 October 2009

Looking For Harvey Weinstein Our Book.

This is the story of four pair. The first pair are THE GIRLS, and I don't mean THAT kind of pair,
although those are there too, mind you! No, I am talking about a pair of go-getter gals who jettison their UK roots, and safety and security and riches, to invade America and become Evangelists for Genius.
No small goals for THESE girls.
Think Elizabeth Hurley and Rebecca DeMornay on AbFab-overconfident-overdrive.

Then there's HARVEY WEINSTEIN -- the man, and the myth
(so there's your pair right there).
The bloke the babes believe will be their Knight in shining armor, or denim, or polyester, WHATEVER,
just be the KNIGHT, for God's sake! He may come through, but maybe not in the way the Girls expect,
or want, or desire. Sometimes you can't get what you want, you get what you NEED,
ain't that right Mick and Keith?
And what a pair of Rolling Gallstones THOSE two are!
They still rock! But I digress. Then there are the TWO HUNK HUBBIES, the hairy pair who the Girls fell for hard, hard bodies who ultimately were not right for the Girls the way water is not right for vinegar,
if you get my drift, and i know you do. Then, finally, there is the CREATIVE GENIUS artiste, and his genius work. Can the Girls bring him to World prominence, reveal the "new Michelangelo" for all to love, for eons to come?
Or will Hollywood chew and spit out the lot of them
faster than movie execs turning their heads to ogle J.Lo butt cleavage? There you go. Now you know. Four pair, highly rare, not a moment to spare, there's a major story there. A story of love. And rejection. A story of struggles. And snuggles. A story of genius that cannot be denied.
And the snide who love a free ride. A story of how The Girls finally DO pitch Harvey their film
that will change the world, but wind up wowing him with their "Ciggie Thingie" instead. What's a "Ciggie Thingie"? You gotta read the screenplay, luv!
Suffice it to say, it saves the day. Remember: you can't always get what you want,
but sometimes, you get what you NEED. "Change the way you look at things,
and the things you look at will change." That ain't Confucius, that's the Girls --
and it ain't confusing, it's actually amusing. Find out more......... when you read what is destined to be the greatest female buddy romantic farcical satirical comedy this century (if by "this century" one means 2009).

Celebrity Closet Clear-Out

The Clothes Throw.
Charity Shops all over the Country are crying out for donations from the over filled clutter of all you shopaholic closet queens.
In Hollywood, Eva Longoria Parker has a massive master closet filled to the brim with Gowns, shoes and expensive couture galore.
Paula Abdul has a huge closet bursting at the seams with the fashion of our dreams and
Mariah Carey, our closet Cinderella, takes the top spot in her 12,000 square foot Manhattan triplex paradise filled with a 1000 pairs of shoes!
We are on a mission to walk in as many celebrity closets as we can and give them a bit of a clear-out, all in the name of charity.
We will keep you posted as to how we are getting on but things are looking good with a handful on board already

Recycled Wedding Couture From Christain Dior.

You never know what you might discover in our recycled style studio. This vintage Chritian Dior wedding dress was used as part of a Hollywood style shoot a few years back and now belongs to us.

We are so hoping to find it a new home because this dress was made to be worn.

Watch out for more news coming soon.