Friday, 28 August 2009

A Very Posh Hollywood Look For Less

Moving to LA will give anyone the perfect reason to collect designer sunglasses as a must have staple to compliment all outfits, Posh is a perfect example with her trade mark big black shades.
If you rummage in your local charity shop or root the car boot, sunglasses are in abundance this time of year, so get savvy, pick up a pair and be unique this winter in some secondhand chic.

Get The Boot At The Car Boot

Don't you just love the fact that winter is just around the corner and you can finally cover up again. All the stores are bursting with black, sequins and flat riding boots inspired by the Chanel cat-walk.
Getting the Hollywood Look For Less car boot challenge makeover has been the highlight at Butlins this week, we gave away three amazing pairs, to three luck ladies.
Our top tip for best budget look to create your own Chanel cat-walk look this season is simple and will cost under a tenner at the local car boot sale. We suggest you root around the car boot for a pair of fabulous recycled riding boots, always in abundance at Croft in Leicester on a Sunday Morning for about £4. Next, check out all the young Girls who have got up early to get a sellers pitch, are in a bad mood and will sell off their shopaholic mistakes cheap in order to get back home to bed. So many young Women buy big accessories but never find the confidence to wear them, so picking up loads of pearls both necklace and bracelets for about 50p each to accompany the riding boots will be easy, trust us. All you need now are black leggings and a white shirt, things we all have in abundance in our over filled closets and Bobs your uncle, the Hollywood Chanel inspired look for less can be yours for under a tenner.

How To Banish Those Bat Wings At Butlins

Women over 40 in Hollywood never bat an eye lid at wearing a sleveless dress, bat wings only flap on a Dracula movie set, across the pond however, here in the UK, the horror reality is Women over 40 are still relying on Grandmas cardi to cover up.
Having learnt to battle with bat wings ourselves over the years, there is a rather smiple, effective, daily rountine anyone can do and the best news of all, it is completely free. Now it maybe free but we did not say it is easy so be prepard to do some work in order to see amazing results in just six months.
Stand straight and reach out your arms to the side in line with your shoulders, then rotate your arms and hands forward until your palms are face up. Keeping your arms at a right angle with your body raise them up and down fifty times or until you are in so much agony you know it is working.

Monday, 17 August 2009

H&S Dress For Less

Check out our new press shot on the set at Butlins.

Friday, 14 August 2009

Fantastic Shows At Butlins Bognor

Here we are this week doing our live Hollywood Look For Less celebrity style shows in Jaks at Butlins Bognor this week. We had a really fun time as the show was being filmed and thank everyone who came to support us.
This is the only place you can get a brand new look without spending a penny.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Dress For The Drama Of Your Life.

Looking stylish is an art especially if you are a shopaholic on a tight budget. In Hollywood the little black dress accompanied by big black Chanel sun glasses is all it takes to look daytime stylish, anyone can do it. Find a really unique simple black dress in the charity shop or car boot, one Mans trash is another Mans treasure, remember and team it up with your own sunglasses. Adding some colour with a bright pink shoe will finish off the look perfectly, just like Elle the super model in a little Victoria Beckham number today out for a stroll looking effortlessly stylish.

Friday, 7 August 2009

The Hollywood Look For Less At Butlins.

We had two amazing shows at Butlins Minehead this week and here we are on stage about to meet our first candidate for a drab to fab mini makeover. What we had to work with in the first place was already great so the Hollywood look for less accessories just topped off her new look, without spending a penny.

Have A Root At The Car Boot.

We have had another fantastic week doing our live shows at Butlins where we recycle the best most fabulous finds from car boots and charity shops to give our audience the ultimate Hollywood look for less makeovers. Not bad for two ex Millionaires with a load of old clothes!
We can confirm the top Hollywood secret to being rich is buy new and the joke is on you. Many A Lister's can be found rummaging through vintage stores looking for a bargain piece to keep their style unique and compliment the designer bate given freely in return for an appearance on the red carpet.
Mixing what you already have with fabulous trash will transform drab in to fab envious treasures, making your friends green with envy. Our Hollywood look for less tip of the day is have a good root at your local car boot.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Live Longer And Get Stronger With Yoga.

We can report that Yoga has been embraced by Hollywood starlets and wannabe LA prefect pool contenders for quite a while. It is really the most amazing way to get a feeling of complete well being inside and out. The perfect way to balance mind with body and soul at the same time toning and sculpting the body into a lean mean working machine.
Our Hollywood look for less top tip brings yoga to anyone who wants to give it a go. Take a trip to the local car boot and pick up a "do it yourself "yoga at home DVD, chuck everyone out of the house and give yourself a much earned treat. The life changing results will astound you, we promise!

Free Face Lift

You have to give it to all those Beverly Hills plastic fantastic surgeons who take a wrinkly face and fill it with botex for a smooth frozen expression shared by several famous faces in LA LA Land. If you really want to have a face lift or are considering having some botox take a long hard look at Tony Curtis, bless him or Mrs Osbourn before you sign on the dotted line.
Our Hollywood look for less top tip is get yourself a free face lift you can do everyday at home without money or ending up looking like a trout pinned down in front of a wind machine.
It takes four simple steps to a new looking fresh faced real you.
1. Take an ice cube every Morning and rub across your face and neck area until melted. This will give your facial muscles a work out at the same time, stimulate the blood flow.
2. Eat five Brazil nuts daily, they contain a natural form of collagen that will help plump out the skin bringing it back to life with a healthy more youthful glow.
3. Drink 8 glasses of water everyday religiously.
4. For the neck area bend back your head and look up to the sky, then open and close your mouth wide like a fish, repeat this 50 times per day.
Now this will only work if you do it everyday for the rest of your life, it is a lifestyle not a quick fix but we think much wiser than day dreaming over countless celebrity cosmetic cock ups pretending to be happy with their lot in Hello magazine, not.

How To Be Thin The Clean Regime.

In Hollywood there are no short cuts to being thin, it is all about discipline and dedication but we have to say it does work. The only way you can get a healthy BMI is to follow a clean living lifestyle.
We gave up drinking, smoking, chocolate, caffeine, sex and meat about four years ago and now believe in our controlled indulgence mantra that really does work.
The Hollywood look for less top tip for a fabulous healthy body and mind is not easy but it works. We suggest you start each day by drinking 2 large glasses of water with a slice of lemon, followed by a glass of grapefruit juice. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day in order to get your metabolism working so eat fruit or drink a smoothie and avoid all carbs.
We know from experience that 1500 calories per day is the magic number to maintain weight so if you want to loose some then 1000 calories will do the trick.
Life is not all about being a perfect size 10 but looking and feeling healthy is critical for a long happy life, so if you can stand the clean regime it is possible to achieve your goals.