Friday, 31 July 2009

Want To Be A celebrity Stylist?

If fashion is your passion and you want to know how to get a fab celebrity look without breaking the bank, check out our live Hollywood Look for less shows and see how it is done.
No slimming pants, no size issues, no rules except to have fun with all our top tips from Hollywood A listers who all say shop new and the joke is on you.
See you at Butlins all through the summer.

The Butlins Team At Minehead

All together more fun with the Butlins backstage team at Minehead who look after our show and do a fab job. Thank you guys.

At Butlins Minehead This Week

We had such great shows this week at Butlins giving everyone the chance to become a celebrity stylist at The Hollywood Look for less live shows.

Friday, 24 July 2009

Butlins The Hollywood Look For Less live shows

Come and see us this summer at Butlins, all three locations, and get your favorite celebrity look on a Budget. Play our celebrity styling game and you could win some free accessories. This live show is not about insults but insight into how Hollywood get that look for less. Top tips on how to look and feel fab on a budget.
We are having so much fun showing you all how to get a brand new look without spending a penny.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

On The Plane With Taylor Wane

Here we are flying back from LA with the hottest British property in LA LA Land, Taylor Wane.

Friday, 17 July 2009

Back At Butlins

We are back at Butlins next week in Bognor and Mindhead doing our live Hollywood Look For Less Shows and look forward to giving away some amazing clothes and accessories.
We are also there throughout August at all three locations. It is going to be a stylish fashion experience for anyone who wants to look and feel Hollywood fabulous without spending a penny.

Bridget Jones Has Meat On Her Bones

Rene Zellweger has worked really hard on her LA body and in our humble opinion is looking rather stylish and chic doing a little retail therapy in Beverly Hills this week. How terrible to have worked so hard on getting stick thin to have to eat her way back into the body of the lovely Bridget Jones, yes she is back.
So how ironic that Hollywood has to have a thin person eat herself to death in order to portray a Woman most others can relate to in Bridget Jones three. The yo yo dieting and binging cannot be good for anyone no matter how much money is on the table so it would make sense to show Bridget as a thin person to make sure she gets the man, once and for all.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Taylor Wane British Bombshell And Babe

So being back in LA LA Land had its moments and meeting the fabulous, feisty Jordie lass, turned penthouse pet come adult film star, Taylor Wane was one. She chatted with us as we boarded the flight home, making us laugh out loud as we almost wet our pants, with stories about LA LA Land even more ridiculous than those in our memoir Looking for Harvey Weinstein.
Watch out for Taylor and check out her playboy radio show where she gives sex advice to callers, all in preparation for a PHD in sexology.
She is one HOT lady to watch and someone real in LA LA Land.

Bat Wing SOS For Less

We were amazed as we walked along the strand in Manhattan Beach California, the place where you will find the beautiful people but what is beautiful? Take Madonna who works out like a demon for six hours a day sometimes yet she still has the dreaded bat wing disasters on the catwalk, even wearing D&G.
We have a free way to get rid of the bat wing problem but it takes real hard work and dedication, not six hours but 6 minutes daily for 6 months. Stand upright and stretch your arms out to the side, level with your shoulders, turn your hands upside down, palm facing up then gently move your arms up and down 100 times.
Of course at 50 plus no matter how much hard work you do, it is never going to look young and perfect, so we say just cover up with fabulous sleeves and jackets and except that beauty comes from within.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Plump Lips And Hollywood White Teeth Tips

We have just returned from a very long and enlightening trip back to Las Vegas and LA LA Land in an effort to understand why the allure of Hollywood has not yet been shattered. Las Vegas is still a hot dumping ground for weekend party players and busty blond wannabees all waiting to become famous. LA was like hell for two budget fashion stylists surrounded by the best American style has to offer, thanking God we had picked up some fab unique pieces from the croft car boot sale the day before we left. The truth is, too much plastic surgery coupled with intense sunlight, the ozone layer left two years ago, life in LA is not what it is cracked up to be in the land of the beautiful, not!
We did do some work whilst there though for all you Hollywood Look For Less savvy lifestyle Diva's and came across a little must have that is cheap, works and gets a ten from us. You will need to get on the net and check out the Australian make up collection by Model and Co then find a supplier. The product is called star smile teeth whitener and lipstick. You will be amazed by the results and much cheaper at £17.99 than other Hollywood teeth bleaching systems.