Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Charity Grand Stand At Oadby Oxfam

We are working hard on our celebrity closet clear out Campaign helping all our local charity shops with much needed donations.

Shopping is the perfect pass time on Rodeo Drive where Chanel, Prada and many other luxury houses have a pretty powerful presence but do not be fooled by what you read, the best kept secret is in vintage.

Many A Lister's can be found bargain hunting in thrift stores on Venice Beach, Melrose Place and Malibu, hoping to find that unique piece to be copied or given to their stylist to create that red carpet look.

Here we are in Oxfam Oadby with shop manager Sue doing one of our celebrity budget style events and open days. It was great fun styling on the spot, giving customers the Hollywood Look For Less using a fab collection of recycled clothes, always of a high standard from Sue and her amazing team of volunteers.

Monday, 1 June 2009

Harvey Nics Or Charity Shop Picks?

In Hollywood credibility is everything when swimming with sharks, stick with what you do best and and the audience will follow.

How can the BBC justify using Mary Portas to become their Queen of charity shops? Lets face it she knows nothing about charity shopping, would never be seen dead wearing something from one and is the face of Harvey Nichols!

They tried to con us all with Twiggys frock exchange but the ratings proved using Twiggy, the face of Marks and Spencer's, would never in a million years be any good at swapping, only shopping!

We are so pleased that the BBC are putting their focus on these subjects but come on lets get real experts on board and show the Nation how to look and feel fabulous without spending a penny for real.

Summer Style For Over 50 Fabulous

In Hollywood being 50 plus is just not an option unless you are Sharon Stone and very rich but we have come up with a look that not only works but also cost under £18.
So how did we do it?
The Hollywood Look For Less top tip to looking amazing at 50 when you are broke is as follows.
Check out your local charity shops or travel further a field and find a fab maxi dress, this one cost us £5 from Cancer Research in Wigston, Leicestershire. The fab green bag was from Help The Aged in Wigston also and cost us just £2. The scarfs were £1 each and came from Mind in Wigston, must be some mad shopaholic Women in that place! The shoes are slides from D&G and came from Cancer Research in Shirley Birmingham at the cost of just £10.
Chanel glasses from the old rich days, models own!!!