Sunday, 31 May 2009

Buy New And The Joke Is On You!

Here is the set of our new Hollywood Look for Less styling studio at all three Butlins venues, where all the clothes came from car boot sales, charity shops or swapped with other savvy Women.
If you want to learn how to be a celebrity stylist and learn great top tips on how to look and feel Hollywood fabulous without spending a penny, come and see us in July. Check dates with the Butlins website.

Butlins The Hollywood Look For Less Shows

Thank you to all the fantastic budding celebrity stylists who helped play our mannequin styling game at Butlins, Minehead, Bognor and Skegness, you were all the best.
Butlins, the only place you can get a brand new look without spending a penny!

Friday, 8 May 2009

Celebrity Closet Clear Out For Charity

Charity Shops all over the Country are crying out for donations from the over filled clutter of all you shopaholic closet queens.
In Hollywood, Eva Longoria Parker has a massive master closet filled to the brim with Gowns, shoes and expensive couture galore.
Paula Abdul has a huge closet bursting at the seams with the fashion of our dreams and
Mariah Carey, our closet Cinderella, takes the top spot in her 12,000 square foot Manhattan triplex paradise filled with a 1000 pairs of shoes!
We are on a mission to walk in as many celebrity closets as we can and give them a bit of a clear-out, all in the name of charity.
We will keep you posted as to how we are getting on but things are looking good with a handful on board already.