Monday, 20 April 2009

Wedding For Free? Wait And See.

Check us out on BBC Radio Leicester, 4th May at 12 Noon, when we will be telling you all how you can plan your wedding for free.

How To Be Thin When You Want To Give In.

In Hollywood being thin goes without saying. You will NEVER see the obese body anywhere on Rodeo Drive, so if you spend your life scheming and California dreaming, it is vital you know how to do the work.
The Hollywood Look For Less rules to the ultimate body beautiful are as follows.
Drink 8 large glasses of tap water everyday. Walk five miles at a brisk pace every Morning and go to the gym whenever you can for a one hour work-out. Eat five small meals throughout the day including two pieces of fruit and lots of brown rice. Give up chocolate caffeine, smoking and drinking until you hit your target weight.
This may sound unachievable and rather brutal but we never said it would be easy, especially if you are over 40 and the whole thing seems to just be going south.
It is possible because we have done it over a three year period and the results are just beginning to pay off as bikini season arrives and we show off our tanned, toned, thighs.