Thursday, 30 October 2008

Turn Your Trash In To Cash

Car boot sales are a good idea but not very Hollywood darling and we can speak from experience having been there and done that. Pam Anderson has given car booting a new lease of life with her Malibu Garage sales and it has become a rather hip trend to turn trash into cash in LA LA Land. So our top tip for making some extra cash when things are tight, is to clear out some clutter and set up your own trendy hip garage sale, just like Pammie.
In Bel-Air, the really posh part of LA, they have taken Garage sales to a whole new height, calling them Estate Sales. Garage sales in LA are just not the same as they are any where else on the planet. The billionaire Craig McCaw once held a “backyard clearout” that included the sale of his private island, a 300ft yacht and several executive jets, obviously needed some petty cash.
Turning your garage into an Aladdin's cave for curious clutter collectors could prove to be very lucrative, if done with a Hollywood spin, so pick a date, make up some posters, play some cool tunes, layout your trash then wait for the punters to part with their cash.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Hollywood Smile For Less.

Even if you do not have a perfect set of teeth, keeping them white can take 10 years off your age, so if you want the Hollywood Look for less, invest in the following top tips and you will not go wrong.
Mix one teaspoon of lemon juice and one teaspoon of salt, then put the paste on your teeth for as long as you can stand it, any yellow tinge will soon lift, leaving you with much whiter teeth.
Another great tip is bicarbonate soda and a bit of water, mix to paste and apply over teeth. Now you need to give them a quick polish with the inside of some orange peel and before you can say, smile, you look fresher, younger and all without breaking the bank.
A big Hollywood celebrity tip for soft lips is to put some Vaseline on before you go to bed and when you wake, you will have a perfect pout to be proud of.
The main reason, beside 10 cups of coffee, 20 cigarettes and lashings of red wine, our teeth turn yellow is because of a lack of calcium, so drink more soy milk and if you cannot face that, take a top tip from Popeye and chew some spinach to maintain perfect whiteness.

Credit Crunch Christmas Crackers.

We are all guilty of pattern behaviour, especially over the festive holidays but this year things are going to be tough for many. Finding fabulous ways to replace our expensive habits with the totally free options, takes true creativity and we have come up with one excellent solution to saving you pennies. Christmas crackers in general are never very good, unless they are hand made from Harrods.
Most crackers contain a cheap coloured paper hat, a crap useless plastic toy and a really bad joke we have all heard before. If that is not enough to stop us buying into the same old rituals, we could always think about how many trees need to be cut down to keep us supplied with more throw away paper.
Our top tip for free Christmas crackers with added style, is as follows. Everybody coming to lunch should be told to wear their favorite hat, tiara, headband or coloured wig, replacing that unstylish look of Christmas past with unique flair and fashion.
Next, get everyone at the table to tell their best joke, we all know one. The person who tells the funniest joke, decided amongst yourselves, gets a prize, this could be anything from not doing the washing up to being in charge of the telly remote for the day.
There is no mess to clear up and gets everyone having fun. If you normally buy the crackers to decorate the table, there is a great way around this to. Go to your local charity shop and find a red and gold sari, then turn it into a table cloth, giving you a tasteful cheap festive look that will challenge even the best hostess this Christmas.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Address The Stress.

Stress is the way that you feel when pressure is placed on you. A little bit of pressure can be quite productive, give you motivation, and help you to perform better at something.
When poverty hits you like that craving for chocolate, your hunger for comfort increases, leaving the never ending void of pressure to run rampant with stupid mistakes.
When you decide to address your stress and recognize worrying is unlikely to change anything except put you in an early grave. Its in the mistakes, you will find the answers.
Better to be alone than wish you were alone is a saying you will never hear mentioned in Hollywood, being alone equates to being sad and lonely, just like poor old Bridget Jones. It is ironic really when you think about it, we expect others to know how we tick, yet we often don't really know ourselves.
Meditation or Medication? Which do you prefer?
Our top tip for stress is simple, free and very effective, if you can do the work. At sometime, each day, take out one hour to get to know yourself by finding a quite place to just sit and clear your mind of everything you know to be real. Practice makes perfect so don't give up when the going gets tough, you will be glad you stuck with it when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at, do change.

Free Fashion

How does a poor shopaholic get a new look without spending a dime? For us this was the most brutal of brutal dilemmas in our journey from riches to rags, so we spent many hours searching for a solution. Finding that perfect little Chanel jacket of days gone by was going to test even the most finely tuned wiff of a bargain hungry designer junkie. Then we discovered by erasing all those old wives tales about the stinky charity shop brigade, the best kept secret on the planet. You have to be somewhat savvy, do your homework but if you can find a place where wags live, you can bet your bottom dollar, the charity shops are rubbing their hands with joy.
Our style studio of recycled unique fashion has come from places like Shirley in Birmingham, filled with 8 really good charity shops, often the home of some unlikely trinkets and treasure, looking for a new home. These clothes have now become a new currency with value when swapping fashion with other Woman at our swap parties, making sure one Woman's trash becomes another Woman's treasure.

Credit Crunch Hollywood Cocktail

When you live in Hollywood and you are a big drinker, finding someone to share a cocktail with is like finding a nun in a brothel, everyone drinks water from a bottle which costs the earth.
We now drink tap water from a recycled evian bottle, so we look Hollywood cool and it does not cost a penny. If we find ourselves in the lucky position to be asked to a dinner party, a rare event these days, unfortunately, we have tap water with crushed ice and a slice of lime. Most people will assume you are drinking a Gin and Tonic.

Walking Your Way Thin.

Another Hollywood tip from the perfect pool, well the picture says it all, even perfect can sometimes take their finger off the button.
The Hollywood look takes less money but more time. Like anything in life, you get in, what you put out. Once you recognise that people in Hollywood look fantastic, but still have to do the work, even with all that money, you are on your way.
As you age, maintaining that perfect body becomes a constant battle, so our top tip for keeping in shape, for free, is walking everywhere. The gym is expensive and finding time to feel the benefits gives us an excuse to not go. We suggest you set your alarm and get up one hour earlier in the Morning, go for a five mile walk, then have a bowl of porridge for breakfast. The results will pay off, promise.

The Demi Moore Diet Tip.

Lets face it, obesity and poverty is a paradox yet we seem to be reaching epidemic levels of severely overweight people in the UK, all in desperate search for the instant miracle diet.
Well, we have bad news for you all. The only miracle diet we have ever found is in starving yourself, or in our case, plain old poverty. The only true benefit in being poor.
When living the high life in Hollywood, we did come across some top tips on dieting from the LA A list's perfect pool and to our amazement they actually work.
The wonderful toned body of Miss Demi Moore for instance was transformed by major cosmetic construction, hours of working out with a hot young personal trainer and never having a cream cake. Maintaining the body perfect is not easy but Demi has come across the apple and peanutbutter diet, which we have tried and tested, and now, like Demi, swear by it.
Delicious, cheap and really helpful when that snack attack hits you and you cannot afford chocolate. Remember a taste on the lips puts pounds on the hips.

Free Make Up

Make up for any Woman is an essential must have and something we found really hard to be without when times were hard. Our top tip for getting free make up is to go to the chemist, department store or make up counter and ask for free samples, free testers or any promotions they have going on that day. We never felt guilty after years of spending thousands on cosmetics, lotions and potions, it was pay back time.
The great thing about this, there is always an enthusiastic willing, talented make up expert ever ready to encourage you to sit down and have a free consultation and makeover.

A Cheap Face Mask.

The banana plant grows 10 to 26 feet and belongs to the same family as the lily and the orchid. Creamy, rich, and sweet, bananas are a favorite food for everyone. Sports enthusiasts appreciate the potassium-power delivered by this high energy fruit.
Research conducted at the University of Innsbruck in Austria suggests that as fruits fully ripen, almost to the point of spoilage, their antioxidant levels actually increase.
Take your over ripe Bananas and mash them in a bowl then put in the fridge to cool, now spread it over your face and relax in a hot bath. The perfect inexpensive face mask for a young healthy glow that will challenge any spa treatment.

The Free FaceLift.

Having a spa facial, botox or electronic currents to help tighten and lift the face is for us, a thing of the past. There is a perfect inexpensive way to look years younger and we can all do it.
Ice cubes are totally free. Every Morning when you wake up take an ice cube from the fridge and run it across your face and neck. The shock of the cold ice will tighten your facial muscles giving them a work out that will leave you feeling toned and very refreshed.

Healthy Hair And Strong Nails.

Pumpkin Seeds
Pumpkin seeds are a "superfood". The seeds are rich in the amino acids alanin, glycine and glutamic acid, and also contain high amounts of zinc and Omega 3 essential fatty acids. They contain high quantities of protein, iron and phosphorous and even a tablespoon a day would be a good addition to any healthy diet, particularly for vegans and vegetarians. Pumpkin seeds are also low in carbohydrates.
Pumpkin seeds, and the oil they contain, have long been used as folk medicine. Studies have shown that pumpkin seeds may reduce hormonal damage to prostate cells, thus possibly reducing the risk of developing prostate cancer. The seeds have been used to treat urinary tract infections.Pumpkins are a tasty source of vitamins and minerals, particularly beta-carotene, vitamin C and potassium. Like most seeds, Pumpkin seeds are especially delicious roasted because roasting helps bring out their natural flavour.
Our Hot tip is to eat a handful a day to help get thicker hair, forget expensive hair extensions, shampoos and treatments, sprinkled over a salad this super food is a very inexpensive way to help restore and strengthen your hair and nails.

Luxury Living For Less

Our philosophy as ex Millionaire Hollywood wives, now the UK's first luxury budget lifestyle experts, is to be fabulous and happy without money.
Most people would find this concept unthinkable but through our journey of self discovery, we have discovered all the ways to have it all and now we are ready to share how to do it with you.
In 2009 we will be entertaining holiday makers at Butlins with our Hollywood Look For Less style and makeover shows where lucky participants will get a new look without spending a penny.
You can also catch us on the Trisha Goddard show, channel Five, doing our budget makeovers with lifestyle top tips on How to be happy without money.
When you have lived a luxury lifestyle, especially in a place like Hollywood, then in the blink of an eye you find yourself homeless and penniless, life changes forever but for us, it changed for the better.
We have discovered amazing ways to live a luxury for less lifestyle, including top tips on free fashion, shoestring style, budget beauty, doable diets and genius gift making ideas and all without breaking the bank.
With Christmas just around the corner, our focus now is to help the Nation shift to thrift and appreciate the value of everything you buy, making small changes to save you a lot of money. Recession thinking tends to be practical but not stylish: switch off the lights when you leave the room; turn the heating down and put on a jumper; take your shoes to the mender rather than throwing them away.
But thrifty thinking is also about making creative, imaginative choices, recycling used up trash instead of throwing it away.
Fresh air, exercise and fresh food, what could be better, we ask?
We're all becoming more conscious of throwaway fashion - especially considering that in a single year in Britain we buy two million tonnes of new clothes, and one million tonnes end up being thrown away. Swapping is a fun form of recycling. One woman's trash becomes another woman's treasure.
Savvy tips from the forties and the war may make sense now as suggested by David Kynaston with his make do and mend top tips below.
Make the most of leftovers, throw nothing away, turn yesterdays vegetables into today's bubble and squeak.
Create a soap ball in the kitchen by taking old bits of soap from the rest of the house then stick them together.
Wash and reuse silver foil, common practice in the forties.
Turn over old cuffs and collars: if a shirt cuff or collar looks frayed, instead of throwing the shirt away, simply turn them over.
Now we are in the 21st century and materialism has taken us all away from what matters most, our happiness, so with that thought in mind we leave you for today but hope you will be back to discover more tomorrow.