Tuesday, 30 December 2008

New Year Resolution Or Hopeless Dissolution?

OK, so you all crave the perfect body, spend hours convincing yourself the new year resolutions, this year, will pay off but who are we kidding, except ourselves.
We have compiled the essential top ten ways to achieve a new year, new you regime, that works, is not easy and most are unable to even think about, let alone attempt. Good Luck!
1. Drink only water and herbal teas.
2. Eat five small but healthy meals every day.
3. No smoking
4. No alcohol
5. Walk or run fives miles per day.
6. No cream cakes, biscuits or chocolate.
7. Take a yoga class twice a week.
8. Meditate for one hour per day.
9. Always smile.
10. Give up working for a living.

Softer Hands With Natural Brands

The sun always shines in Hollywood and soft hands never do dishes, so the need for a miracle credit crunch hand treatment is non existent.

The UK on the other hand has bitter cold winters that take up almost half a year and often leave us with chapped, rough and dried out skin. If money is no object, Chanel body cream is perfect for keeping your hands smooth, soft and more youthful looking.

Our Top Hollywood Look For Less tip is maybe not as fancy or expensive but without a shadow of doubt, will do the same job.

Sea salt with olive oil and a couple drops of your favorite scent mixed together, is all you need. The salt scrubs off any dead skin, olive oil moisturizes and the scent drops make it smell good.

Rub this mixture all over your hands then put on some thin plastic gloves with woolen ones on top and sleep like a baby while your hands indulge to help turn back time.

Butlins Is Where You Will Find Us.

Next Year we will be entertaining Holiday makers with our fantastic live shows The Hollywood Look For Less. This is the only place on the planet where a Girl can get a brand new look without spending a penny.

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Recession Depression

Recession Depression is upon us, it seems. Once again we have spent weeks and weeks just looking forward to something that goes by with the blink of an eye and leaves us flat as a pancake. Christmas comes but once a year. A time for fun, family, charity and cheer.
The Hollywood way to celebrate Christmas usually takes place on a Tropical Beach or stylish Ski resort somewhere like Aspen, where money is no object.
Our Top Hollywood Look For Less tip to beating the recession depression blues, makes sense and is easy to achieve simply by following this advice.
Stop shopping and recognize, it is not what you have but who you are that matters in life and next Christmas give your time to charity. We promise there is always someone out there much worse off than you.

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Address The Mess For Less

Have you ever found yourself just hopelessly staring into the closet with absolute despair because no matter how hard you try, you just have nothing to wear?
Your clothes are not just about what you have but also how you hang and store them. Investing in some extra storage boxes will save you time plus money in the long run and can be picked up easily from many charity shops.
Wooden hangers are better than wire ones because they help keep your clothes in good shape, also found in many secondhand stores.
Recycle or swap anything that does not fit you, suit you and make some space to de-clutter and reorganise what you are left with.
Now give your clothes a makeover by putting them in to complete outfits with bags, shoes and accessories, then store your summer clothes, if it is winter and the other way round, if it is summer, in your new storage boxes.
If you are lucky enough to own some cashmere, store these luxury items inside an old cotton pillow case, a top tip on keeping your best stuff protected and ready as new for the next season, saving you a fortune in the process.
When it comes to clearing out your closet, less is more, trust us.

Network Hard With A Free Business Card.

Hollywood Networking is all about marketing yourself and a business card is the most underrated yet most used tool to get your name out there in front of potential clients or customers.
Of course if you work in the Movie business, where the competition to out do everyone you meet, is not plain sailing, you could find yourself with the challenge of producing something fabulously unique. It has been rumoured the most expensive business cards in LA LA Land are platinum, covered in diamonds and only given out to impress other A Lister's.
Our Hollywood Look For Less top tip, may not be as precious but will still give you that personal touch without spending a Dime.
Check out www.vistaprint.com where you can get 250 business cards for free and start networking in the New Year.

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Deep Love In Shallow Pockets.

Bagging yourself a rich sugar daddy might not be as easy as it used to be, as City Bankers and eager entrepreneurs lick their wounds and wipe out entire portfolios. In the perfect pool, a personal matchmaker is as common as having botox and just as addictive.

You could always try this free and instant tip on how to hook a wealthy catch, by signing up to an on line cyber Millionaire matchmaking service, like Millionairematch.com.


We cannot guarantee you will be sucessful in the quest to find money or love but you might have endless fun trying.

In these wise words from Lennon and McCartney, money can't buy me love, we have to agree. Our Top Hollywood Look For Less Tip. You cannot look for love, only attract it.

No More Strife In A Second Life.

The ultimate free way to have the perfect Hollywood Lifestyle without doing the work is to get yourself a second life but beware, make sure that all you meet, may not be quite what they seem.
The moment you enter this World, you have temporarily left your old life behind, as you soon discover a vast digital continent filled with whatever existence you desire.
So if you have always dreamed of becoming a size 10 with large boobs, a small nose and zero cellulite but always wake up disopointed, take a visit to second life by clicking your mouse on the link below
Our Hollywood Look For Less Top Tip is as follows. You cannot buy a life at Harrods, you can only buy stuff to put into a life.

Heading For A Credit Crunch Wedding?

In reality the only way to do a wedding without money is to not do one at all. Harsh but true, nothing new and for the real cynics out there, the fairytale does always seem to end at the wedding!
Our Hollywood Look For Less top tip if you want to be a princess for just one day and the budget needs busting in order to pay, create something unique for your special day.
The latest and most inexpensive way to get hitched in Hollywood without spending a dime, can be found by visiting virtual vows.
This must have, on-line, cyber site, where you can enjoy a classy interactive wedding ceremony, can be found by following this link below
and if things don't go as planned, they offer free virtual divorces.

Drink Yourself Thin And Get Fabulous Skin

Our Hollywood mantra for losing weight and looking great has been scientifically proven and tirelessly tested by us. The secret to banishing any bloating and getting a flat tummy can be effortlessly achieved by increasing your water intake!
It's been proven the easiest and most affordable way to lose body fat because 8 glasses of water a day helps the body naturally metabolize fat and toxins, keeping those unwanted wobbly bits at bay.
Water can help keep your skin toned and tight because as you loose weight your skin may sag and cells will shrink. The water will act as a plumping aid, which helps keep the skin looking firm and much younger.
We never said getting the Hollywood Look For Less was going to be a walk in the park but come to think of it, that is exactly what we do everyday.

Saturday, 20 December 2008

ITV Central News The Hollywood Look For Less

Just to let you know we had a fabulous news strand on ITV Central News East, last Night at six, about what we do in our Swapping Style Studio. You can watch it on ITV.com/ Central News East, Friday 19.12.08 and if you fast forward it is about 17 minutes into the segment.

Friday, 19 December 2008

Free Tips For Kylie Hips

Kylie has the perfect body or so they say, who ever they are.
Spending money on an expensive Gym membership is pointless if you find you are too busy to use it, so we have got some simple free ways to achieve the perfect body.
Spend more time in the garden by cutting the grass, planting seeds and generally doing some hard graft to wake up your metabolism.
You can do house cleaning at home, like dusting, washing clothes, hanging them out, washing the car, moving heavy objects from one place to another.
Keeping yourself-active is the key.
Avoid driving the car and walk everywhere, which is a good workout for you and will help you with saving the pennies.

Get The J-Lo Glow For Less

A Cheap J- Lo Radiant Glow is very simple.
Peach Tightening Mask.
Take one ripe peach - peeled and mix with one egg white-Whip peach and egg white together in a blender until nice and smooth, then leave in the fridge to get really chilled. Gently put mixture all over your face and relax for 30 minutes. Rinse off with warm water, then cold.
This will tightens up the pores on your face to create a smoother look and is the perfect cheap primer before you apply make up.
Dip your make up brush in some baby powder and gently brush over your foundation and blusher for that finished professional celebrity look. You will be amazed at the results. Do not use to much or you will end up looking more like a ghost than a Goddess.
The Hollywood Look For Less way to achieve thicker lashes with the mascara you already use is to simply dust a little loose baby powder on you eyelashes before you apply mascara.

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Posh Five Star Spa with A Bar

Posh has been on the Jay Leno Show NBC and chances are she will follow up with Larry King, Oprah and The View. It must be really hard being Fabulous, poor thing, she must be exhausted.

We are going to give her some really good Hollywood advice by sending her off to BACARA.
Sea, sky, golden days, enchanted nights. Spanish colonial warmth. Old Hollywood glamour. New California dreaming.
There was a time when getting away for a few days and coming back looking rested, rejuvenated and renewed wasn't considered an indulgence but a necessity.
A time when afternoons were whiled away by the sea, under wide skies, warmed by the sun. Playing a game of croquet, sipping a glass of chilled rosé, with clever friends, in good company. This is the essence of Bacara: Elegance, understatement, complete serenity. This is the most amazing spa on the planet and you can be sure to bump into your favorite celebrity having some quite time.

OK, so we can all dream! Our Hollywood Look For Less Top Tip is to treat yourself to a Night of pampering once a month.
Make yourself a foot bath with a plastic bucket that fits your feet comfortably, add warm water just above your ankles, then add two tablespoons of Epsom salts and soak with a book you have been meaning to read for ages.

The benefits you will experience during your home spa day will be more colored by your desire and your intentions than any fancy, expensive Spa you can buy. Be mindful, set your intentions and gradually transition out of your work day into your own Bacara for less indulgence.

Follow Kate and Wear Something Out Of Date.

Shopping in LA was not easy for us. We are not close to being a size Zero but Posh should have an easy time of it and we have some really good advice for her and other Hollywood Wannabes.

Of course we don,t expect everyone to follow our mantra immediately but charity shopping is the ultimate best kept secret. To start with we suggest you all begin bargain hunting at these little designer heavens if you find yourself in LA. Lohmans Beverly Hills. The Rack, Orange County, Neiman and Marcus outlet, Las Vegas, great for shoes and Ross Dress for Less, Torrance.

Kate Moss is often seen flicking through the rails of second hand and charity shops in LA and London. Several of her iconic pieces, like those Westwood pirate boots, have been lucky finds in these cooler-than-thou secondhand shops. Kate also caused a stir when she spent an hour trying on clothes and shoes in Cornucopia, Upper Tachbrook Street, London, known for its 'Miss Haversham-style' Victoriana secondhand vintage.

Top Hollywood Look For Less Tip. If you see a great print you love on something like a long skirt, don't let it go: cut the bottom off and turn it into a scarf.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Celebrity Look For Less

So, you are going to a big dress up party and want to look like Madonna but have no money and no clue how to pull off the look.
Come to one of our swap, dress up parties and get the Hollywood celebrity look for less.
Maybe you have an old handbag you never use or a dress that does not fit you anymore and you want to swap them in order to create a new look.
We have so much fun in our Eco Style Studio and you can swap your clothes with ours using our styling help to create the look you want without breaking the bank.

Fashionista Versus Stylista.

Stop Shopping and Start Styling

For those amongst us, dare we say it, with a shopping addiction, giving up a twenty a day habit is preferable to never setting foot in a shopping mall again. Take it from us, the people who put the word "shopaholic" in the O.E.D. But like any bad habit when the fix is temporary and only leaves you wanting more money for more wardrobe space and ultimately more shopping you can do one of only two things;Die under a mountain of unworn clothes and final demand notices orLearn how to work with what you’ve got.
Styling is a basic skill that appears to allude many of us in the U.K. We have chosen to shop till we drop instead, the fashion industry’s answer to reaching fashionista’s nirvana, the place celebrities in magazines tell us they go in between rehab. Despite the rising cost of everything the price of clothes is actually lower than twenty years ago, one of the key factors keeping inflation statistics unrealistically low, a phenomenon attributed to either volume sales of ignominious proportions, slave labour or likely a combination of both.
The TV gives us our weekly dose of fashion shows which all talk of styling without actually delivering any concrete "how tos" (got to keep those advertisers happy) and the constant use of "on trend" and "must haves" puts us once again firmly in that subliminal, inescapable shopaholic matrix.So if, like us, you are sick of being a slave to the fashion industry’s rhythm but could never swap your stillettos for sneakers, unless you’re exercising of course here’s what you do. Firstly learn these two simple rules.
Rule Number 1.
Rule Number 2.
Then sort out your clothes into seven groups. Tops, bottoms, dresses, jackets, shoes, bags and accessories. The largest group should always be accessories (hats, belts, jewellery, hosiery, scarves, hair clips) as they fit you on fat days, take up minimum storage space and last a lifetime.Beware, the single largest mistake when it comes to styling is too many clothes and not enough accessories. The desired ratio accessories to separates is 3:1.
Now find a look in a magazine you love and have a go at copying it piece by piece. It doesn’t have to be exact, copy colours if you can’t match shapes or visa versa. By experimenting with what you have you’ll start to recognise duplicate items are pointless when it comes to styling as are things that don’t fit. For each outfit you style add at least three items from your accessories. It is these additions that make your look unique to you. As you work gaps in your wardrobe will start to appear. When you do decide you deserve a little retail therapy, resist the temptation to be drawn to the High Street and do what every savvy style guru does. Pick up your individual must haves, aka another shopaholics mistakes, from our style studio without spending a penny. Take it from us, as experts at conquering addiction (trust us you never escape it) the buzz is even better when you get what you need not just what you want.

Living Without Money

The Best Things in life are free and we are living proof.
We will be taking part In The Tonight Program, ITV I, Jan 9th, at 8pm, called living without money.
Swapping is the new shopping and we have all the top tips on how to do it, for real. You can catch us swapping services, clothes and food in our local community everyday.
In Hollywood it is impossible to swap anything because nobody actually owns anything, so here are our top Hollywood Look For Less tips on how to downsize in style.
1. Get rid of your credit cards. If you cannot afford it, don,t buy it.
2. Grow your own vegetables and herbs. If you don,t have a garden, check out the local market, last thing, and see what they are giving away.
3. No more binge buying or impulse shopping. If you don,t need it, don,t buy it. Take a list with you.
4. Get yourself a hot water bottle and switch off the heating.
5. Carpool. See if there are people in your road who all go to work in the same direction, split the petrol and save the planet.
6. Go to the local library where you can get books, the Internet and movies, all for free.

It's A Free Wrap

There is nothing better than receiving a beautifully wrapped gift on that special occasion but what do you do if you are short of money and you need to impress for less?
Our Top Hollywood Look For Less tip is get out your old wallpaper rolls, as we did in this picture, then tastefully wrap the gift using any old ribbons you have to finish off.
If you have no wallpaper rolls left from days gone by, check out the local charity shop where you will be amazed at what you can pick up for under 50p a roll.
One Mans trash becomes another Mans treasure and your gifts will always be a unique pleasure.

Monday, 15 December 2008

Nigel Knows Where The VIP Goes.

If you are really set on getting that Hollywood lifestyle, no matter what it takes, we have to give you our top Hollywood Tip for networking to get your name on the list.
There is only one person who knows in Hollywood and you can find him here
The only problem with knowing Nigel, you have to know how to find him.
We suggest you network with family and friends if you want to make it big. You never know, who you know, might just know and before you know it, it is you in the know.

Friday, 12 December 2008

Take A trip To The Local Skip.

In days gone by when we had more money than sense, spending £25,000 on a new handmade sofa from Harrods was shopping addiction at it's best. These days we could not imagine splashing that kind of cash on anything to do with keeping up with the Jones.
Our top Hollywood Look For Less tip, forget handmade in Harrods and check out your local skip.
We found an old but perfectly good sofa, covered it with some secondhand Sari's and cushions from our local charity shop and even though we say it ourselves, we now have luxury for less at it's finest.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Is Bridget To Big For Her Britches

When someone like Nicole Kidman slips on a pair of slimming pants, invisible Knickers, it usually because her dress is so figure hugging, even she has the potential for a dreaded Muffin top catastrophe.
As far as the real Woman is concerned, the pain is just not worth the gain.
The reality is, you might achieve a temporary solution to looking thinner in the moment but you will die of embarrassment in the bedroom.
We have it on good authority from the opposite sex, they like to see what they are getting.
If you cannot let it all hang out and 50 sit ups a day is out of the question, make sure you always have a spare pair of sexy knickers to change into, just in case you get lucky. Slimming pants are impossible to peel off, even at the best of times, so make sure you don't have too many cocktails before you attempt to make the switch.
Top Hollywood Look For Less Top slimming pant tip.
Love it or loose it.

The Tiffany Epiphany

Ever since Audrey Hepburn stepped out in Trueman Capote, Oscar winning classic, Breakfast at Tiffany's, this celebrated brand and its signature little blue box, has become every Hollywood Celebrities Aspiration.
But a little warning about aspiring to be a Hollywood wannabe, when we found ourselves piled high with Tiffany boxes but no money for food, we discovered the re-sale value inside the box, was but a fraction of the exorbitant retail prices, we had blindly paid.
Not that we would ever stop anyone enjoying the fantasy of the Tiffany ( experience) but our Top Hollywood Look for Less tip, is just plain old common sense.
When you are wearing the diamond studs, no one See's the box, so ask yourself the question.
Is the experience worth the price because in reality, that is what you are buying.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Promote Yourself For Free.

If you have something to say, want to get a message out or just need a free website for a new business, we suggest you start your own blog. It is free, easy and can be up and running by the time you have followed the simple instructions found below.
The Hollywood Look For Less website was set up in order for us to promote what we have discovered to the rest of the World, for free and as an inspiration to others who have something to say.

Drab to Fab Katie Holmes Style.

Since moving to New York, Katie Holmes has let her fab Hollywood look become un-stylishly drab. She is living the drama of her life as a working Mother and with limited time to take out for herself, in reality, she is just like anyone else. The Hollywood Look takes true dedication.
Our Hollywood Look for less tip to turn drab into fab without money, is as follows.
1. Take a trip to your local beauty collage and offer yourself as a volunteer for students to practice pampering on. You can get a free massage, haircut, nail extensions or full make up.
2. Phone a few friends and see if someone wants to do a frock swap with you. You can get a brand new outfit without spending a penny. Swapping is the new shopping.
3. Go to your local chemist and try out all the perfume testers, asking for any samples they may have. You can smell like roses for free.
4. Go to a local wine tasting Evening and pretend you are there, as a buyer. You can get free booze and at the same time, meet some new people.
In Hollywood when you are in demand, everything is free, so take a leaf out of the book of common sense and take advantage of what is free for you.
After all, lets face it, mass shopping addiction has turned the fashion and beauty industry into a boom, about to face gloom, business.

Credit Crunch Charity Couture At Oxfam.

Today Oxfam in Oadby, Run by the lovely Sue, got a Hollywood Look For Less makeover by us, in preparation for their big open day on Saturday.
We had the chance to style and co-ordinate the stock, creating a window display to rival any High Street designer boutique, filled with recycled clobber to die for.
We will be at the event on Saturday, at noon, as in store Stylists, ready to transform drab to fab with The Hollywood Look For Less essential credit crunch top tips on how to look and feel fantastic without money.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Luxury Living For Less on Radio Leicester

We will be doing a regular Luxury for less strand on The Rupal Rajani weekday Radio Leicester lunch-time show.
Today we covered our Top Hollywood Look For Less, luxury for free, Christmas Tips, including how to get a free face-lift, a free Christmas Tree and the top budget Diet tip, Demi Moore swears by.
Listen in on our next Show on Jan 4th at Noon, when we will have something very exciting to share with you.

Sunday, 7 December 2008

The Free Way To Keep Stress At Bay.

In Hollywood, everyone, including pets, are open about having a personal therapist. It has become as important, as having a personal Stylist.
Most of the time, therapy in Hollywood is used to achieve the ultimate feel good factor. A problem shared, is a problem halved.
In reality, everyone, at some point, may need the help of a therapist to unravel and rebuild how we feel, when we are not feeling fabulous and fantastic. With the current credit crunch climate, cracking the foundations of happiness in the UK, the feel good factor is needed now more than ever.
The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, NICE, recommends computerised cognitive behaviour therapy, available for free, to everyone, through the NHS or your GP. The program is called Beating The Blues and can be found via the website address below.
This is a free way for anyone to take advantage of some personal self-help and treatment for mild and moderate depression, panic, phobia and feelings of hopelessness.
The current facts and figures for people suffering with some form of Depression in the World, is to depressing to state, so our Hollywood look For Less, top tip, is to take advantage of having a personal cyber-therapist, as a positive way, to help keep stress at bay.

Friday, 5 December 2008

Our Philosophy. If You Like It, Wear It.

Where can a Girl go to get The Hollywood Celebrity Look without spending a penny?

Nowhere, we hear you saying but actually there is a converted textile factory, in a small rural village called Countesthorpe, in Leicestershire, filed to the brim with hand picked vintage couture and second-hand stylish accessories galore.

Local Women can make an appointment then bring their old clobber, that size 10 designer little black number, picked up in a moment of temporary insanity because it had 70% off and looked divine on the dummy, and swap it for something more realistic, that fits.

In this credit crunch climate finding your way out of the High Street and recycling old clothes for new to you, anyone can get a brand new look without spending a penny.
These at not just any clothes, these are H&S clothes.
The key to styling yourself, the H&S way, is all about making the most of what you already have, combining individual, unique and good quality separates into a one of a kind, catwalk creation. who would believe we are wearing someone else’s old clothes?
Our philosophy is, if you like it wear it.

They say you should never wear shorts at fifty but who exactly are ( they) ? The rules are simple, there are no rules, except, dressing must become something you think about not just passively do. Each piece should be selected individually, including shoes and accessories but with the complete ensemble always in mind.
Our top styling tips, use bold tights to highlight and accent. Bling jewellery makes you cat walk ready in black ( we go fake for true Eco fabulous chic) and everyone’s legs look better in heels.
You can find fantastic vintage and costume jewellery in virtually every charity shop. The chunky pearls were 99p from the British Heart Foundation and who would ever know they are not from Chanel.
If you can make the trip to Leicestershire to be styled by us, great but if not anyone can have the H&S experience at home.
The key is to pick out of your wardrobe things with the tickets still on, never or rarely worn, or just don’t fit you
We are sure there is more ruthless rummaging to be done but going through these three initial stages will provide you with your crème de la crème in shopping currency when it comes to swapping with your chums. Now all that is left to do, is to ring round your mates, get them all to do the same, then pick a date for your first H&S swap party, trust us, it is better than a Tupperware.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Real People Magazine. Holly And Shirley Yanez.

We have just worked on a competition with Butlins and Real People Magazine, coming out next week, on Thursday Dec 11th.
Two lucky readers will get a free Butlins Break plus a day with us being styled, pampered and photographed by Celebrity photographer Maz of Leicester and not only all that but you will get to keep the clothes.
Pick a copy and be in with a chance to win.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Putting On The Glitz

Living the life of a Hollywood celebrity is all about never being caught off guard. The wrong pose can make even perfect look like a disaster, so always, always think not shrink.
Standing tall with shoulders back and head held high, can add up to one inch on your height, giving you that long, lean, leggy look to die for.
Remember, always dress for the drama of your life, the rehearsal is over.

Monday, 1 December 2008

Dita Von Teese If You Please!

Today we had a Hollywood Look For Less find of the Century when we came across a brand new, very stylish, Kangol Black Beret in our local Mind Charity Shop, for only 99p.
Get the retro forties and French inspired look from Dita Von Teese at Heathrow, on her way to Hollywood and add a celebrity twist to what would normally be a boring black outfit.

Be A Fan of Rice Bran.

Rice Bran oil has amazing health benefits, as it is rich in both vitamin E and γ- oryzanol, an antioxidant that could help prevent heart attacks and to help lower cholesterol. It contains relatively high amounts of vitamin E.
Known for its mild and softening properties on the skin, Rice Bran is a good source of Omega 6.

It is a tradition in Japan that women rub rice bran oil in to their face to help make their skin look and feel smoother. These women are called "Nuka-Bijin" ("Bran Beauty" in English).
Many beautiful fish found in the perfect pool swear by the health and beauty benefits of Rice Bran oil and we have to agree with them all. So next time you are buying oil for cooking, opt for this one, at £3.95 for 100mil and not only enjoy a credit crunch munch salad dressing but watch your skin bloom and light up any room.

Sunday, 30 November 2008

The Hollywood Tea Party.

Chamomile flowers have a distinctive 'apple like' fragrance and will give an aromatic smell to the room. Our Hollywood For Less Top Tip is to learn to love your old tea bags. Of course, the number one top teabag tip will always remain, a perfect eye soothing solution for that bright eyed and bushy tail look.
Let us tell you, the teabag, has many lives with many purposes. Chamomile tea acts as a gentle sleep aid and mild laxative, as well as mouthwash.
So when you have enjoyed the tea, used the tea-bags to sooth puffy eyes, dry them out on top of your radiator, filling the room with a wonderful calming herbal infusion, making sure you drift in to the land of sleeping beauty.
Jennifer Lopez and Gwyneth Paltrow are both known to drink Chamomile tea, to reduce stress, promote relaxation and restful sleep and it clearly works for them, so give it a go, brilliantly saving pennies and recycling at the same time.

Free Natural Tips To Be Rid Of Wrinkles

Age is just a number and Teri Hatcher proves that age means zip when it comes to looking Hollywood fabulous, wrinkles and all.
Facial massage is the Hollywood Look For Less most excellent way to get rid of wrinkles. Not only does it helps your face retain its elasticity, it also helps keeps those wretched wrinkles at bay by relaxing the muscles in the face, stimulating the blood vessels of your skin.
If you have bags under your eyes, try this top tip. Place your fingertips under your eyebrows and lift your eyelids. Press your upper lids down, and hold your fingertips in position for a few seconds. Relax and repeat.
Clean and prepare your face by wiping away the dirt of the day, in preparation for your own personal, credit crunch routine, designed to nourish (give energy to) the skin, essential maintenance needed to create new cells. Relax the face by placing a hot flannel over the skin, lay back and listen to your favorite song. Have some vegetable oil in a bowl close by and once you feel relaxed, slowly rub the oil onto your neck upwards towards your face, just like you would apply any Night-time moisturiser.

There No Time Like The Present.

It's only when we start to understand that we all have a limited time on Earth, never knowing when it could end, that we recognize the present is all we really have. They don't call it the present for nothing, it is a gift.
We believe that time therapy is not so much about managing time, but more about managing your life in order to find more time. So time therapy is about improving the quality and effectiveness of how you live your life.
In Hollywood everyone knows the key to sanity and self preservation, is the value of time, constant paparazzi hunting down like a pack of wolves, would send anyone somewhere over the Hollywood Hills.
Every Night, religiously ask yourself these three questions before you close your eyes
Have I told a lie today?
Have I told myself a lie today?
Have I felt miserable today?
If you answered Yes, there is work to do tomorrow, so get a good Nights sleep and hopefully tomorrow you will be able to answer No, like every good Hollywood Agent.

Friday, 28 November 2008

Sumptuous Scent of the Season

The Smell of Oranges are Hollywood fabulous because it gives a subtle and clean aroma to Your House. Many A lister's swear by this next Hollywood look for less top tip.
Our sense of smell is influenced by something called the common chemical sense, so fill the air with nostril flare and find a use for those old Oranges at the bottom of the fruit bowl.
Take your old Oranges and put them in the oven, on a low heat, for a couple of hours, while you are out doing what you do and we will promise you will be amazed when you return home.
The smell of the very powerful orange will eliminate the stench of any stale smoke or lingering odours, creating a scent that will give a calming effect, leaving the house smelling like it is full of freshly sliced oranges.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Shift Some Weight To Look Great

A calm mind and body unison creates greater impact.Yoga will help bring a state of balance to your life.
A cool and calm mind is always envied, especially in the perfect pool.You remember things better as it enhances your memory. Blood circulation improves the functioning of your body.
Every muscle in your body gets stretched to its maximum potential.
Yoga helps tightens the abdominal muscles resulting in terrific toning of your abdomen.
It strengthens your back muscles which gives you that perfect posture and your biceps and triceps become toned due to the stress less strengthening of your muscles and with that comes a Hollywood body.
Yoga is a great way to help you burn calories at the same time tone, adding extra height to your frame.
The sagging muscle tissue will no longer drive you crazy as you become a positive and fabulous human being.
Pick up a, do it yourself yoga at home, DVD from the local library and get that Hollywood Look for less body you have always dreamed about owning.

Lift Lagging Lymph

For luscious looks and locks, try this top Hollywood look for less tip.
The lymphatic system has long been connected to youth, vitality and beauty. Responsible for that production of white blood cells, the backstroke of our immune system. Many expensive spa treatments are designed and marketed to stimulate the lymphatic system and flush out all the bodies toxins.
Massage is a fantastic way to kick start lagging lymphatic modes but the best way to do this for free, could not be simpler.
When next taking your Morning shower, turn the water temperature as low as you can tolerate it, hold for 15 seconds, then turn back up for 15 seconds.
Repeat three times.

Free Makover

Getting that fantastic Hollywood Look For Less makeover is not as expensive as you might think.Check out your local department store for free make up sessions. Chanel are always wanting to promote their cosmetics and will always get you in the chair, for a full make up lesson, at NO charge. A great tip is to go the day, you have something special planned for the Evening, maybe a Christmas party or red hot date etc.Not only will you look amazing for free but you will also walk away with many free samples to keep you going when times are tough.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Bargain-Hunting Tips.

The Hollywood Look For Less Blog focusing on bargain-hunting tips for fashionistas with Hollywood Budget lifestyle expertise.
Check out our Money saving top tips on how to look and feel Hollywood fabulous in everyday life.

Celebrity Closet Clear Out.

OK Ladies, as we see it, the High Street is in big trouble and Retail is heading for a great big fall which is so sad because without it, the UK loses something renowned as being the best in the World.
Maybe we have all over indulged in bulimic shopaholic behaviour, the throwaway Fashionistas, creating a throw away culture that's not only killing the planet but also being blamed for an increase in the amount of clothes being dumped in landfill sites.
So what can we do?
We have decided to start a Celebrity Closet Clear Out Campaign to help get everyone in the UK Recycling their old clobber and supporting Charity Shops with much needed essential donations. If the High Street suffers, so will the Charities.
We met Gok at his book signing in Leicester, after doing a little Celebrity Stalking and got him to kindly agree to a donation from his wardrobe, which we will be putting up for swaps very soon. We will keep you all posted and updated with our plans.
Get recycling Today by giving away.
Take a bag of your old clothes to the local charity shops now.

Outwit The Outfit

We have spent a year sourcing recycled designer brands that we will swap under our sustainable Fashion Style Studio umbrella. The many High Street labels we have chosen will typically make up half of the studio remit, the other half – because the Style Studio wants to impress as much as possible – will comprise of carefully selected donations that will most likely include designer-label cast-offs.
It was not as hard as you would think, finding all these labels, we have travelled the Country for about a year visiting as many Charity Shops as we could come across.
We knew it was going to be easy to find named Designers because there’s so much hype about ethical clothing, but it was actually quite tricky finding appealing unique things to pick up that are both great value and good quality.
Our Hollywood For Less Top Tip is to take a day trip to the Charity Shops in Shirley Birmingham where you will find everything from classic couture to Divine Dior.

Credit Crunch Swap Party Lunch

They say money can not buy happiness, but it sure can put a smile on your face when it makes Prada and Gucci designed garments more affordable. We were the planets biggest shopaholics before we lost all our money and shopping for labels, was as important as, shopping for love.

These days we have found swapping to be the new shopping because every Women has a wardrobe full of mistakes, just bursting to be de-cluttered and passed on to a new loving home.

Our Hollywood Look For Less top tip is to invite a group of your friends round for some lunch and tell them to bring two things from their wardrobe they have never worn to swap, this can include shoes, bags and other accessories. There is no need to have any formal way of doing things, just have fun and see how many successful swaps you make, beats feeling depressed when you cannot afford a new frock, trust us.

It is such a good fun idea and everyone hopefully will walk away with something new, that did not cost a penny. Make Eco fashion your passion and your friends green with envy.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

The Hollywood Look For Less Show

Come and see us at Maz Studio, Leicester on Dec 8th, where we will be doing our Hollywood Look For Less makeover show and big designer swap party.
This is the only place where a Girl can get a brand new look without spending a penny.

Live And Let, Dai

Today we are off to have lunch with our Darling friend Dia who is poorly at present but like a good red, is getting better everyday with age.
Dai Llywellyn is the ultimate Hollywood Luxury for Less. A Man who has lived his life to the full, travelling the World with Rich and Famous friends in every port.
We salute you with love Dai and wish you well.

Monday, 24 November 2008

Fashion For Free

These two outfits are from our Recycled style studio where we hold amazing designer swap parties. The key is all about styling and putting together the right pieces but of course not all of us can do that, so we are here to help.
Check out our top tips on How to look and feel Hollywood celebrity fabulous, without spending a penny.

Friday, 21 November 2008

Free Workout For A Fab Firm Bum.

There's nothing that works better for the bum than squats. It will be tough at first but stick with them, you'll find you can do more and go lower, the more you do.
Stand with feet as wide apart as possible, feet pointing out to the side, rather than in front, now put your hands on your hips to balance, keep your back straight and bend at the knee, lower yourself down, so that your thighs are parallel with the floor, keep your bum tucked in and your tummy firm. Repeat 20-32 times.
Taking the stairs whenever you can will firm up your bottom, giving you toned calves as well as a completely free workout for everyone. Build up to doing two steps at a time, then stretch out your legs when you get to the top in order to keep your muscles long and lean.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Throw A New Year Tinsil-Town Trash Bash

The Ultimate Hollywood inspired New Years Eve party event, is our perfect credit crunch top Hollywood for less tip, so get ready t0 be inspired and shocked with our promise of fabulous fashion and celebrity glitz, all on a budget.
Invite your guests to attend an Oscar New Years Eve event where they all must dress in secondhand or vintage glamour, long frocks and dinner suits. These can all be sourced from local charity shops, where Evening clothes are in abundance at this time of year. Each person must come with their all time favorite DVD movie and a offering of food or wine.
Put out a red carpet for when the guests arrive, which can be made out of something old like a couple of red Sari's and offer a welcome glass of homemade pink fizzy punch, served in champagne glasses.
To personalise your event further take photographs as people arrive, the red carpet has been rolled out and vacuumed for your very special Hollywood Oscar themed party, it must be documented by the paparazzi.
All the guests must then tell everyone else why the movie they have selected should be nominated for an Oscar, then everybody votes and the winning movie is screened.


2 large cans pink lemonade frozen concentrate. One quart Rose wine. One quart 7-Up. One pint raspberry sherbet.
Combine first 3 ingredients and chill for 3 hours.
20 minutes before serving, remove raspberry sherbet from freezer; leave at room temperature until ready to serve.
Just before serving, mix the raspberry sherbet with the chilled 7-Up beverage mixture.
Serve in sugar-rimmed champagne glasses with citrus wedges or mint.

Dress To Impress.

I think, therefore I am, I think. Life is not a destination but a journey. Every time you step out of the front door, you are facing endless possibilities, being caught without you're slap, looking more like Maureen than Madonna, will never get you're face on the front cover of hello magazine.
The Hollywood look for less is available to every Woman on the plant, regardless of shape, size or age because true style comes with confidence and with confidence, comes success.
Hollywood dressing is always about impressing, not always themselves but mainly others. When you look a Million Dollars, as if you have just stepped out of a Bentley on Rodeo Drive, you are already ahead of the game when it comes to achieving anything, success in an interview, a date or you're
best friends wedding ( Top Hollywood Tip, weddings are a great place to network)
Our top Hollywood Tip, always quality never quantity. Great pieces like Chanel, Valentino D&G, practically stand the test of time, can be worn and washed over several seasons and still can be sourced in you're local charity shop.